The Tabernacle

Creating 'spaces' to experience the presence of God

Prophetic History

When God says He is doing a new thing, He means He is doing a NEW thing!

We were leading a young adult’s missions trip into Russia in 2002, when early one morning the Lord spoke to us & said, “I am doing a new thing!” At this time we were working for Wycliffe Bible Translators as the Australian National Youth Coordinators, an opportunity we enjoyed as we discipled young adults in following Jesus.

In 2003, the Lord captured us with the little book of Haggai. For months, the whole 42 verses of this book stirred in our spirits as we read it over & over & over. In particular these words echoed in our spirits, “Now go up into the hills, bring down timber, & rebuild my house. Then I will take pleasure in it & be honored, says the Lord.” (Hag 1:8)

We knew the Lord was speaking to us, but we had no idea of what this would mean.

God took us on a journey to teach us about space. Space it seems is important to God, be it physical, relational or time space. What we do with it, how we use it, what we put into it, He cares about. It is also critical for new things to grow & develop. It is not possible to plant & grow a new crop of vegetables in the same space as the old crop, without pulling the old up first.

Within a year of God saying He was doing something new, we were in a new country pioneering a new ministry with the Lord. Supernaturally God had confirmed and called us to Germany.

It was here that He continued to birth in us a greater revelation of the dwelling presence of God, His Holiness & our worship. He challenged an aspect of our Australian worldview that reduces & cuts everything & everyone down to an equal commonness – Australian’s call this “Tall poppy syndrome.”

We were confronted with a worldview in Europe where God had done things in certain physical, geographical spaces that He had not done elsewhere. The presence of God marks geographical locations & groups of people.

In taking us to Europe & then Israel, we saw what the presence of God can do to a group of people hungry for Him. In ‘dwelling’ with Him, He transforms people to transform the world.

Acts 1-2, Bangor in Ireland, Herrnhut in Germany all testify to this.1.  As Jesus’ disciples met together worshipping & praying, the world that was in Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles heard their testimony of what God can do, and God’s spirit was given to the Gentiles.

After 300 yrs of worship & prayer, Bangor released a wave of Monks that transformed barbaric Europe to Christ.

For 120 yrs people in Herrnhut worshipped & prayed in the presence of the Lord, & this sporned the first protestant missions movement.

God is rebuilding His house, His way for His glory. We are living testimonies of this. Whether it is in a small family, a private home, amongst a large of group people or in a public building, God is establishing His presence is a new way & this is drawing all men to Him.

Specific set apart ‘dwelling places’ in many different shapes & forms are now exist today in Israel, Germany, England, India, USA, Korea, Australia & Indonesia and we are sure many more. This is what we now call ‘The Tabernacle.’

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