The Tabernacle

Creating 'spaces' to experience the presence of God


Rev John Arnott
“2017 marks 19 years of Christian ministry and mission for Mark and Helen. Their ministry to us as a congregation has been a great blessing, encouraging and impacting in the teaching and building up of our church family.

We love and affirm the Ministry to which God has called them here in Australia and overseas. It is critical for the days we all live in.”
Pastor John Arnott
Lead Pastor, Catch The Fire Church Australia of Toronto Canada Catch the Fire

Rev Ron Freise & Rev Deborah Freise
Are you hungry for a spiritual Father & Mother’s covering? Have you hit a wall of resistance while going after your dreams? Have you had the wind knocked out of you while pursuing your destiny in God? Have you been betrayed? Are you weary from your journey? Could you use some encouragement to find your courage again? Do you need some restoration, healing & new direction? We would like to recommend the veterans Mark & Helen Goatley.

As a spiritual Mother & Father in the faith we want to endorse them as ones who have been in the heat of spiritual warfare that always comes when advancing the Kingdom of Heaven, & maintained their love for God, their commitment to Him, each other, their family & the family of God. We are honoured to serve in the trenches with them & support them as vital leaders & spiritual parents in these challenging but glorious times.
Ron and Deborah Freise
Pastors, Adin California USA

Rev Stewart and Rev Millie Liebermann
Pursuing intimacy with God and His presence both individually and corporately is the desire of so many people today all over the world.   In Israel, with all of the uncertainties and spiritual pressures of living in the volatile Middle East it is absolutely a crucial for survival to be in the —secret place— of His presence.   The Tabernacle is the dwelling place of the Spirit, a place of relationship, refreshing, renewal, restoration, and strengthening.   In the years we have known Mark and Helen we have sensed a tremendous apostolic call of leadership on their lives to establish His Tabernacle where God has led them.   They are people who have persevered through many trials and have been tested by fire.   Their very breath is to be living Tabernacles of God’s presence and to impart the power of knowing God through worship to the emerging generations.   We embrace Mark and Helen and their vision as they have been proven faithful and steadfast in their love of God, their commitment to relationship with people and their call.   They also have a love for Israel and a balanced Biblical view and understanding of God’s covenant purposes for the Jewish people in these extraordinary times.
Stewart and Millie
Pastors Or Chaim Messianic Congregation, Denver Colorado USA

Rev Paul Craig
‘Mark and Helen Goatley have been on an extraordinary journey of discovering the presence and power of God in their lives and His grace for others. I have known Mark and Helen for about twelve years and I am more excited than ever before about what I see happening in their lives as they hunger and thirst for God. They have a passion not just to share the good news about Jesus Christ and equip leaders for service but in recent times they have developed a burning desire to usher others into the presence of God and let Him do the rest. I have personally prayed for God to anoint them for this mission and I believe that the Holy Spirit is going to use them to open the door to the presence of the King for many who have a spiritual hunger to discover the one true God.’
Paul Craig
Pastor, Melbourne Australia

Rev Brett Mitchell
‘For as long as I have known Mark and Helen they have been resolute in their desire to follow and serve our God with their whole lives. They have consistently lived with a courageous and bold outlook on life and have passionately and unreservedly followed the Lord wherever He has led them. They are worthy of our support and encouragement and I commend them both to you for your prayers and love, as they have set their hearts on serving the Lord where they are for as long as it will take to see the Lord transform its people and its land (2 Chronicles 7:14).’
Brett Mitchell
Pastor, Melbourne Australia

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