Childlike spirit

When we first came across this we were living in Germany where this was called ‘kindlicher Geist’ and it was a major and very powerful thing when Germans were able to be free and operate in a Childlike Spirit before God. This is not a childish Spirit, but childlike where there is great freedom and inhibition in God, it is wonderful to behold. Of course it is powerful for people of any nationality, when people abandon their preconceived ideas and themselves and don’t worry about how they look or how they might be perceived, but operate in faith wanting to experience God in new and powerful ways, it takes faith and it takes humility.

I heard this at a whole new level when I was listening to reports of what happened at the Azuza st revival in America. They were talking about the presence of God entering the meetings and kids would be running around and playing with the presence, this sounds so right to me and what I know of God. While this was happening healings would take place and we are talking about limbs growing back here, whole legs or feet would just grow back right before people’s eyes, the blind would see the deaf would hear. As I was listening to this wonderful report of people being so close to God, I believe God spoke to me about the approach that He loves people to have when they come to Him and when they want Him to come.

I’m sure we all agree that there is just awesome power and it is an absolutely wonderful thing to experience the presence of God. But why do people want to experience the presence of God. WIIFT What’s in it for them. Here is where I believe the Lord whispered to me that He is looking for pure hearts and childlikeness.

When we come to God it shouldn’t be because we want ‘good worship’ or because we want to be known as people who ‘dwell with God’. It shouldn’t even be because we want to see healingings, or even because we want to see people saved. Desiring God’s presence should be for the sake of His presence, to be with Him.(It’s OK to desire God’s presence, it just isn’t Ok to want His presence just for the ‘stuff’ you gotta want Him.) In other words we shouldn’t desire God for what He will do for us or our reputation, we should only desire the presence for the presence, think of it in terms of a human to human relationship, if you are just in a relationship for the benefits and what you can get from it then the other person is very quickly likely to pick up on your motives. It is the same with God, He of course knows what is in our hearts. I’m not talking about being perfect here but I know that in my relationship with God I want to be a lover and His bride, I want to love Him for Him.

I have just re read this and I feel I have missed something important here, there are many times when I have gone to God, desperate for His touch or a word or some encourgement, God loves it when His children come to Him and it is a huge truth that we can come to Him at any time. I just wanted this blog to be a reminder of the power of a childlike spirit, and how much I want to come to Him with no agenda from Him.