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You are Enough

April 11th, 2018


As we grow our spirit, we will also be invited to grow and mature in our soul too. 

Our soul maturity shows up as we rumble with such questions as how do I navigate mystery, disappointment, delay or failure in my faith journey with God? What is my value for creativity and vulnerability when God changes the season? How do I live in a shame based western world culture and not be of that pattern in my thinking, my relating, my heart thoughts? How do I walk in honor with others vs off load my pain, shame and blame onto others? How do I own my story and write it rather than be unconscious giving it away for others to write?

There is no doubt, life is a journey! To hold this perspective is kind.. and real. What we don’t know today, we may know tomorrow.

Grow in spirit yes. But grow in the soul realm too! Be kind to yourself, grow! Don’t be afraid of change. It is your best friend. Own your spirit and soul, its part of your beauty and gift to the world, and right now the world needs you!

A leading Socialogical researcher recently said, “We are at a turning point in history, that should not be minimised or misunderstood. When I look through 200,000 pieces of data my team & I have collected over the past 16 yrs of research, I can only conclude our world is in a collective spiritual crisis.” Dr Brene Brown, November 2017.

We live in shifting sands where we need both spirit and soul maturity. We live in an atmosphere of accelerated change whether we want it, like it or are seeking it. We do not get to opt out of change. This is a turning point moment in the history of mankind, and in this context, we live, we matter and all that God is stirring within us matters.

“You are responsible for the energy you bring into a space” says Jill Bolte Taylor. This is not only true of each of us as individuals but also as a generation.

This “I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment.” (Philippians 1:9) Isn’t it interesting? As we choose to step further into love we begin to abound in knowledge and discernment, this is going to put tension on our soul maturity.

This is the essence of growth. Growing in our soul health and maturity balances us. Real spiritual maturity can’t exist without it. Faith without works is dead. We are invited to the work of love and that will grow our soul maturity! 

You are enough for that! Your presence, your journey, your choices for growth, matter. They occupy a space in a crucial time.

May we never be afraid of growing. Father God help us to grow in spirit and in soul! Encounter us with your great love Jesus! In Jesus Name and for the name of Jesus.

If you want to intentionally grow more in soul, consider doing a Living Courage Day



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Culture Shift – What world are you living in?

March 20th, 2018


A report on the Shift in Culture

by Helen J Goatley B.A. Dip Ed. Dip Theol.


Our culture has shifted. I propose that in the majority of the Western world, we have shifted our cultural base. Our culture is not in process of changing, but has already fully changed.

I believe that the Western world is now a Shame based culture and that this culture is penetrating every mountain of influence thus affecting every aspect of how we do life. I also propose that in this new world, we have a brilliant opportunity to grow in understanding of and anticipating the needs that now are being presented to us.

This shift invites the courageous, the brave in us. It already is demanding dramatic development in how we work with people in all spheres of life.  Compassion, empathy, creativity and vulnerability are going to be our guides as we navigate this world in change.

What is a Shame Based Culture and how did that happen?

In her recent research spanning nearly two decades and very turbulent ones in the USA, Dr Brene Brown of Houston University unearthed shame as the emotion of feeling, “I am bad, I am not enough. It is that intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love, connection and belonging.”

Her research also supported medical findings that shame when experienced physiologically especially for children, has the same effect as trauma.

Anthropologist Ruth Benedict popularised a distinction between a guilt based culture and a shame based culture. She asserted that in a guilt base culture, good and bad (morality) is defined by your own personal conscience. It’s emphasis is upon the actions not the identity of an individual.

A shame based culture however, defines morality by what your community says about you by their actions and words of honor or exclusion. Thus in a shame based culture, social exclusion asserts they are bad.

I propose that a shame based culture feeds on the fruit of fear and often negative experiences and choices that impact an entire people group. An example of this is being witnessed in the USA. With the impact of 9/11 followed by an economic crisis unparalleled since the Great Depression, few American families have been left untouched. The result is now a nation rumbling through an identity conversation as it has traversed the passage from a guilt based culture to that of a shame based culture.

As the nation has walked the recent season of electing a new President, the shame culture has shown its hand in blatant, brutal ways. New York Times Columnist, David Brooks recently wrote an enlightening article declaring ‘America the Shame Culture.’ He quotes Andy Crouch, who argued that with the “omnipresence of social media in the form of Facebook and Instagram, a new sort of shame culture is being nurtured. The world is on constant, accessible 24/7 display and observation. Desire to be embraced and praised by the community and not exiled and condemned is intense. Freedom of speech just reached another volume and plane, dragging with it, moral life.”

What’s the impact and implications for us now?

So how does this impact us in the nations and us as Believers in Jesus? What are the implications for us? What are the answers?

The world of shame hits identity and identity is at the heart of our functioning as human beings. It is out of identity that destiny flows. When shame becomes our narrative, then our identity postulates, ‘I am bad, I am not enough’. The fundamental story of who we are has changed.

Medical science has bought us the understanding that our minds are made for narrative, for story. When a event happens, the brain functions to identify what happened (the story) and responds by directing the body’s actions. The amygdala which is located in the brain is responsible for regulating emotions, and when triggered releases energy to the body so it can move the body to a place perceived as safe. This primeval need for protection must be met. The story the brain makes up doesn’t have to be based on truth, it translates whatever pieces of data it has and uses it to meet the need of the opposing threat.

The impact of the ‘shame story’ then becomes manifest by self-righteousness, blame, comparison, performance, judgement, criticism, slander and the greatest of these, the hustle. Our Western culture drives, models and exalts hustle as the definition of self worth. Hustle becomes justified by perfection that rushes to be first in an attempt to head off rejection. “Not enough” eats away at identity and reduces the human being to a human doing, all the while suffocating with pretence our real selves, our real anointing and our real destinies.

The implications of the ‘not good enough’ drum in a culture is the hiding of our real selves, the loss of integrity as a means of presenting the real self or the identity of a group.  It brings a loss of boundaries which help define personal integrity and generosity towards others.  Tribalism is witnessed as shamed groups shame their shamers and social media becomes the hammer to meter out ‘justice’. Shame never has and never will make big people. Shame is willing to delightfully sacrifice courage and bravery to reduce any one to its ‘not enough’ norm.

On the advent of many prophetic voices speaking of and communities actively preparing for revival, I have to ask, what will be revived by God?

What I have seen globally because of my Anthropological and Sociological training is now being seen in the results of other fields of scientific research. Answers lay in educating and nurturing the qualities and values of honor, empathy, compassion, forgiveness and wholeheartedness. None of which can be entered into unless there is a willingness to look eye to eye at our stories, ways in which we ‘do’ life and rumble honestly with emotion to encounter the radical but offensive kindness of God. The end result I propose will produce a new level of maturity in our humanity and His Divinity. It is the becoming of being human.

There has been for sometime a real push in acknowledging the whole being, body, soul, mind and spirit. Buzz words like spiritual and emotional intelligence are frequently used. I suggest that in the Christian world there is a HUGE need to upgrade and develop more understanding in these realms if we are to survive in what is now the reality of a shame culture running rampant.

What we don’t understand we naturally reject. That rejection will continue to be costly and fatal to our hearts, our messages, our relationships and our organisations. We have the greatest message of honor, hope, joy and freedom. God’s message says, “You are enough for the King of the Universe to come and seek out connection. You have value not because of what you have done but because you are simply worthy. You are enough. You are a son/daughter of the Most High God.”

Self righteousness doesn’t loan us value. It simply is a tentacle of self loathing (shame), puffing itself up beginning with the belief that I am better than others and leaves us thinking the worst of ourselves confirming that we are not enough. Self-righteousness died because of Jesus’s righteousness that screamed, “IT is FINISHED.” (John 19:30)  What was finished? Our not enoughness!!

To recognise shame, we must embrace our story. True honor confronts our story with vulnerability, empathy and compassion, this is the power of the cross! Honor speaks to what is lost in the onslaught of shame. It reminds us again that we are honorable. Journeying through our difficult stories to lay aside blame, comparison, performance and arrive to the embrace of vulnerability, forgiveness and the truth of a Father whose love and view of us never changes. It is compassionate light and not comparison light that will shift culture and shift the shame narrative.

The leading field of research in Psychology now is Heart Math. At the core of Heart Math is understanding of emotion and belief systems which produce energy, energy to change and create synergy. The outcomes of this research are having significant impact in how and who is employed in the work place. Heart Math has always been the central focus of our God. Jesus message always invited the learner to consider that what the heart meditated upon was the director for actions pursued. To God, the issue was heart and who moved the heart, and so it is for current Psychology! Shame is a heart issue. It is a trauma to believe anything else other than when God made us, His first words were, “It is good” and so He blessed us (Genesis 1 & 2). There is no blessing or affirmation that you are good in a shame culture.

What will we embrace?

So as we venture further into a new century and a new culture, we embrace a new journey into spiritual, emotional and cultural intelligence.  Vulnerability, empathy, compassion, honor can light our way. Can we and do we have the skills to handle, nurture and embrace them? The “Passion of Christ” is a template for these. Jesus has and Jesus will always be our central connecting point. Connection came for us when He was lifted up in total vulnerability, empathy and compassion.

We are going to have to have confrontations around our ideas on vulnerability. The myth that is so commonly believed is that vulnerability is weakness. Yet sociological research shows it is the most accurate measure of courage. Vulnerability is a skill to practice and receive, but it is how we can move through the shame culture.

When we teach our kids and ourselves as adults to communicate that they feel scared rather than do the actions of scared like bullying and violence, we can begin to shift culture. We must change the current status quo where we are more comfortable causing pain than feeling the pain. This happens when we embrace the power of vulnerability.

Will we put our brave on as Jesus did? It will invite a revival of honor, empathy and generosity which is as Dr Brene Brown’s research discovered is bringing the most generous interpretation of someone else actions, intentions and words. This is encountered in another culture, the culture of His Presence.

The Presence of God is a culture shifter and transcends all communities, all generations, all languages, all experiences. It is in His Presence we encounter and are undone by His compassion, His unconditional love, His honor, His empathy, and above all HIS vulnerability. He shows up and show us Him. Presence centred Communities, Business’, Schools, families & individuals will shift a culture that has shifted. Which will we choose?

*This text may only be used with full acknowledgement & permission of the Author, Helen Goatley.

Brown PHD, Brene  – I thought it was just Me (But it isn’t)
Brooks, David – The Shame Culture (New York Times, March 15, 2016)
Vanier, Jean – Becoming Human
Thompson MD, Curt – The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves

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March 7th, 2018

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We were working in Russia for Wycliffe Bible Translators when the Iron Curtain had just fallen. We were broken hearted when we heard and saw Russians flocking to Buddhism, because their first option Christianity was too slow in resourcing their hunger.

This experience and living the journey of walking with God ourselves along with many others, burned in us a burden to be part of bringing resources to hungry ones.

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Powerful Joy

February 27th, 2018


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Mindfulness of the Haughty

February 15th, 2018

I have been thinking about a very old fashioned word lately. I was pulling out of our street a few days ago. There was plenty of time between vehicles. It was mid morning and peak hour was over.

Suddenly I looked into the rear view mirror to see a big truck roaring up behind me. He stopped barely a hands length from the tail of the car. For the next kilometre he sat right there.

Practising empathy & working hard to stay out of judgement & the many stories that were fast forming in my head, I continued on driving focusing on my up coming turn!

I came to the corner, turned and as the truck drove past, I was given a hearty long sound from his horn, incased in some specifically chosen parting gestures.

I was feeling the love!

Digging a bit deeper into empathy and paddling hard to fight off self-righteousness, I wondered what his day, his year was like for him so far? After some muscular emotional work, I landed at the outskirts of compassion.

Had it been another day… perhaps a day like what the truck driver was having, I might not of reached what can seem such an impossible destination at times for us all to find, the shore line of compassion.

As I endeavoured to keep myself camped out in compassion land, I remembered a word that had come up in the early hours that morning.


Such a strange, uncommon word. Seldom used in today’s vocabulary.

Haughty.. having or showing an attitude of superiority & contempt for people or things perceived to be inferior.

“Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty, & before honor is humility” says Proverbs 18:12. In fact as I looked at this word, it seemed to appear a lot in Proverbs, the book full of wisdom on people.

As I sat in the moment, I let the wash of truth flood over me. Compassion practice is daring! But when we allow ourselves to move gently towards what scares us, when fear is dragged under our feet and we stand on it rather than it stand on us, we remember our own darkness and we can be present in the darkness of others.

For God so loved the world, He sent His Son into our darkness (John 3:16). He is completely free of a haughty heart. While He is God, Elohim, Supreme, He is love & His posture towards us is not nor ever will be superiority or contempt.

What amazing grace!

Haughty visited me that day and it purified my soul. It was no longer about someone else, it was about me. Landing at compassion revealed my own pride.. my own haughty thinking.. and what I’d just experienced, I did not want to pass on.

In a time when people’s capacity for pain, discomfort, inconvenience seems to be lost, that pain has morphed into hatred & blame where it is much easier to cause pain than it is to feel it.

Is this the result of haughtiness? And is haughtiness a result of our incapacity as a planet to have conversations around vulnerability & fear? Our emotions indicate our needs.

We are living in a time set up for some of the most significant breakthrough and needed growth in maturity of two things that defined Jesus & changed the world, and still is.. empathy and compassion.

Papa God I ask that you would release encounters of compassion upon each heart that is reading this blog. May they be blessed with freedom from a haughty spirit that will not only cripple them but can end up in destruction on so many levels. Papa God would you bless us all again with the gift of repentance and compassion. Thank you you are not for our destruction. Thank you that you are for growing our maturity and prospering our destiny. In Jesus name, Amen


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The Privilege of Calling out Excellence

January 15th, 2018

Every parent knows that gut sickening experience when in the stress and pressure of a moment, we react to our child with a choice of words and tone that precedes to strip a sense of human dignity and excellence from our child. Their face reads like a book.



The real story here is that shame just did us. And we all know that pain. All of us have it.

So easy in such moments to off load our sense of inadequacy and the slander that shame splashes over us onto others. After all, isn’t it really about what our child or another person did or said???

Psalm 16:3 says “As for the saints (including the little ones!) who are on the earth, “They are the excellent ones in whom is all my delight.”

Wow! saints.. excellent ones.. is this what we are thinking about others or even ourselves in such moments?

Then there is the little matter of “in whom is all my delight.” What?? Delight in these moments is the last emotion I am feeling! How about you?

So much easier to give in and yield to that dark voice of slander & meter that out on others as a way of trying to dodge the bullet ourselves!

Slander is a way to shake off our discomfort and pain around our identity. Slander is a cheap way to jump start connection with others. Our world even builds entire communities around this ‘weapon’. We gather around what others are saying a person or community is doing or not. How do we use our empowered freedom of communication, whether it’s face to face communication or on social media?

We can not use technology or our ‘justified’ shame and offence to flatten the world.

Is there another way? YES!!! We don’t have to be an unconscious victim simply reflecting the culture around us that is hyped on shame & slander.

God shows His heart here in Psalms 16. He sees SAINTS! He sees EXCELLENT ONES! This is honor. We get the enormous privilege of calling out excellence in others, calling out the divine design in our children, in our family, in our community.

Certain things then are below our dignity to talk about and we become contributors not accusers.

The Psalmist here makes an interesting link. “As for the saints who are on the earth..” One of the areas of responsibility we carry as saints is for the land. Delighting in the excellent ones impacts the land! Mother Basilea Schlink a writer and leader of the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary in Germany discovered this.

After World War 2, Mother Basilea and her Order began to rebuild their centre in Darmstadt. She was trying to cart in sand and every time it came near the entrance of the property it would flip over. This happened over and over.

Instead of simply looking at this problem through rational logical eyes, she asked God and listened to his interpretation as to what was going on.

Mother Basilea discerned that there was a link between the cart flipping over and their vindictive attitudes. So delighting in these excellent ones, she called them to repent for their attitudes.

The next cart of sand smoothy came into the property. Nothing changed but their hearts.

This began a strategy in this order where they actively applied repenting to problems they came across in their garden and surroundings. For example, when pests came into their garden instead of using pesticides, they would check their hearts and repent for the things in their hearts.

This required a brutal honesty with themselves. They were learning to live in truth, in the way of excellence, in the life of Jesus. They were willing to own their stories, repent and restore themselves and each other back to excellence.

Pastor Jennifier Eivaz says that repentance is a war move!

I invite you today to consider what’s in your heart, what slander has the Accuser, Satan, who accuses the saints day and night (Revelation 12:10) has tried to put over you or those you know? Step into repentance as a war move on shame and slander.

It is as simple as saying, “Papa God I hate this feeling and action. I hate slander and shame that I have done or others have done, and I repent. I repent for getting done by shame and slander. I repent on behalf of others who have been ‘done’ by shame & slander and I speak blessing and forgiveness over them today. This is below my and our dignity as excellent ones. Thank you Papa God for restoring my eyes to see my excellence and the excellence of others. Jesus thank you for showing me the way. Jesus you are Lord over me, over my land.”

God bless you excellent one!!


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Ordinary Courage

December 4th, 2017

Everybody wants it.

In today’s world courage is often linked to Heroics. We think of an individual who puts their life on the line to valiantly save another. But the courage I’m talking about is ordinary courage. It’s the courage that puts our vulnerability on the line.

In our world that is so shame driven that we are unconscious to it, hussle for worthiness goes to a whole other level at Christmas time.

Ordinary Courage is putting your hand up in class & saying “I’m lost. I don’t understand.” Ordinary Courage is saying “I don’t know”, “I am not ready yet to take on that aspect of the job, I am still needing time to learn this one.”

These are some of the bravest things we can ever say & do.

Ordinary courage is willing to risk being disappointed & it is willing to risk trusting again. Ordinary courage confronts suspicion & moves past it with faith, choosing uncertainty & honor rather than the barren bastions of control & predictable outcomes.

Ordinary courage is one of the most frequent commands in the Bible, used over 300 times in the bible.

But courage is never courage without vulnerability. Think of a time when you were courageous. Could you be courageous & not be vulnerable? When this question was asked recently to the highest level Military Generals & Commanders at West Point in the USA, they could not think of any occasion when courage did not demand vulnerability from them or their troops.

Courage is risk. It challenges our notions of control & our emotion of fear. So does vulnerability.

Dr Brene Brown says. “It is our inability to feel vulnerability that makes us weak.”  The Hebrew word for courage is chazaq & it means “to show oneself strong”. Strong is not armouring up with emotionless perfection to ‘get her done!’. To show ourselves strong is show our hearts, our true selves. This is ordinary courage & it in turn demands in us compassion & empathy, the twin arms of fierce fearless love.

2000 years ago, compassion moved heaven not judgement & courage walked the earth. Jesus bearing the heart of God for connection, showed himself strong with the might of courage’s true measure, vulnerability, & conquered the world.

God is birthing a whole new revelation of grace & love. And it will be wrapped in the arms of ordinary courage. You have it.

Live Courage.


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The Social Cancer of our day

November 21st, 2017

“Don’t copy the behaviour & customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is GOOD & pleasing & perfect.”
Romans 12:2

Do you know what are the behaviours & customs of this world? WHY EVEN CARE?

Ironically, the Business world is studying very carefully your behaviours & customs. Google & YouTube can even predict them! Crudely put, you are being studied because ultimately you have needs & needs = money = profit = happiness & worth. Or so they say. We are built for meaning & significance. We have worth & value, & the world knows it.

Do you?

We are now on the other side of the tipping point that happened this month. There is a weightiness to this time we live in, & everyone is sensing it. Politicians, Social Scientists, Prophetic leaders, Teachers, Musicians & Artists are all speaking about it.

Do you know what is God’s GOOD will for you in this weighty hour?

I want to encourage you today.

I believe from all the research that is coming out from so many different sources right now, we are living in a SHAME based culture. The behaviours & customs that are being evidenced right now are the outcomes of what I call the SOCIAL CANCER of our day, SHAME.

The world is diseased with SHAME & it is fatal. I submit that if we do not arrest this disease, it will be the end of our destinies, organisations, & our very civilisation. Right now I believe this to be the no 1. reason taking out so many Churches & individuals.

Shame has a story. Shame has a narrative. It is a narrative that can be CHANGED! But we must be willing to hear the story. Emotion is the way to that narrative.

Again one of the biggest concerns & focus in Business & Education right now is around helping people develop a value, respect & maturity in their emotions. We call this emotional literacy.

Shame is an emotion & experience. Shame says “You are bad”, “Who do you think you are?”, “you are not _____ enough.”  It erodes our identity &  suggests our behaviours are our identity. It has the same impact on the brain as trauma. And it was all over the first moments of Adam & Eve’s story.

This is its narrative.. “I will reindentify you with your worst day, worst choice, worst actions.” It attacks our creativity, our lovability & our divinity.

Even right now as you read these words, you probably are experiencing that emotion. Speak the word SHAME, & it typically triggers shame. But the inverse is also true, speak the word SHAME & it dies.

Every morning we wake up & armour up. The world is a tough place. Life has its moments of grabbing you by the scruff of the collar & yelling in your face, “I am serious. What will you do with the time you have!”

And so in SHAME based cultures, we armour up with fear, blame, disconnection, perfectionism, comparison, competition & slander. All of these are ways to off load pain & the discomfort of believing the social narrative that you are bad & not _____ enough.

The world begins to transform us with this thinking. Recent Sociological research under Dr Brene Brown has discovered that when SHAME is running the narrative of the day, the behaviours & customs are addiction, aggression, abuse, suicide, eating disorders, bullying & violence.

Who we should fear & who is to blame is the strongest narrative of SHAME’s story. Every morning every newspaper & news show centres around these two questions. Every day in our family homes, these two questions pop up.

The power of the Sovereignty of Jesus is that He put SHAME on the cross. The whip of mockery, His body took. This was the human cost of taking our shame & covering us with His love & healing. When we receive Jesus & do this for each other, it is transforming. Darkness trembles. Dignity is restored.

The greatest transforming moments of my life have been when I encountered the narrative of honor & love that covered my imperfections, my dances with shame, rather than exposing it, punishing it, disassociating from it or slandering it.

There is nothing more amazing than being around those who do not think according the pattern of this SHAME world, who have been healed & work hard at resilience to this social cancer.

Jean Vanier in his book Becoming Human, says it this way. “We can bring each other to birth as we respect & love one another & as our value is revealed to us through the love of others.”

This is why I care.

I have seen it.

And it changed me forever.




If this blog has stirred or inspired you to pursue more about how you can get free of this social cancer, check out our Living Courage & Creating Great Relationships courses. Get some friends together & go after more!

Tipping Point

November 17th, 2017

This morning the words of this song kept coming, “Day and night let incense arise.” It’s a reference to Revelations 8:5 about the prayers of the saints.

I keep hearing over and over, pray! Pray while making coffee. Pray while driving. Pray while gardening. And pray WITH THANKSGIVING! Thanking God is prayer and it is the function that cultivates joy. Joy is not an emotion that comes from circumstances, it is a skill. Skills need to be developed.

Intimidation, grief or inadequacy are about in the atmosphere. November has been by many prophetic voices called a ‘tipping point’ month. And haven’t we seen that in many nations! This is a significant time in a significant month for what God is doing. Don’t be fooled, intimidation, grief and inadequacy are NOT you! It is in the atmosphere and it wants to sabotage all God is doing and stirring within and around you and in your nation.

Zechariah 4:10 was a scripture God took me to this morning.

“For who has despised the day of small things? For these seven REJOICE to see the plum line in the hand of Zerubbabel.”

Don’t despise this turning point day. To despise is to shame! Shame says “I am not enough. Heck I’m a looser.” It reidentifies us. Shame is not worthy of you! Rejoice! Pray with THANKSGIVING! There is so much to be thankful for with JESUS! Remember JESUS! Remember!

The power of regret. Living real.

November 8th, 2017

1924 Paris Olympics. Eric Liddell is selected to run the 100m for England. Upon arriving in Paris, Eric is informed that his race is to be run on a Sunday. Joy turns to crisis. Sunday is God’s day & therefore a day of rest. This is a value he can not compromise. He can not run. With no possibility of changing the date of the race, Eric finds himself in the stands sitting next to his brother watching the final. Just as the runners line up, his brother turns to him & says, “Any regrets Eric?” Eric’s response is stunning. He replies, “Regrets yes, doubts no.”

As we chose to live courageously, the most meaningful things in life will always be on the other side of fear & challenge our values to the very limit. Fear influences us to a lesser risk, to living small especially with God. This is where the power of regret can be a positive thing in our stories.

Regret is a powerful emotional reminder that change & growth are required. Research has found that regret is a function of empathy & calls us to courage & learning. It’s a fair but tough teacher. Regret’s pathway leads us to wisdom if we will walk it.

Emotions are opportunities for intimacy. They are a gateway to building emotional connection and trust. They are not a waste of time or dangerous but a God build part of how we connect with Him & each other.

Because of its power, regret has the same impact on our souls as bitterness. The bottom line is that loving God’s presence is an invitation to growth. If we choose not to grow & learn, but opt out, abort a moment of opportunity or disconnect from the truth, we miss out on so much. For sure regret is a hugely difficult emotion to digest, but what is worse, fear & doubt having the final say.

Eric’s Olympic Games had regret, but no doubts & because of his commitment to courage, he ended up taking away the gold medal in the 400metres.

Don’t be afraid of regret. Be afraid of doubt. Live Courage. Live faith. That’s being real.

Vulnerability, Compassion & Light-Horsemen changing the world

October 31st, 2017

I believe vulnerability & compassion can change the world. I also believe that these are the foundations for powerful intercession that moves heaven like nothing else does.

Today 100 years ago, 800 Australian Light-horsemen charged Beersheba in Israel, armed with vulnerability & the tangible compassion of God’s heart, took in a day what the British Army had been trying to do for weeks with thousands of men.


“Kings of the Feathers” these Light-Horsemen were known as & history now declares that “the fall of Beersheba swung the battle tide against the Turks in Palestine; and changed the history of the Middle East.” This moment opened the way to Jerusalem & a short moment late on December 9, 1917, the Turks surrendered Jerusalem to the Allies. The 10th Light-horsemen were the first mounted troops to enter the city.

Vulnerability, that one thing we all look for in others but are most hesitant to offer ourselves, surrounded this day. Vulnerability has been defined in recent research as risk, emotional exposure & uncertainty. But it is only in this type of soil that courage grows.

It was later told that an Australian General had in the context of his personal relationship with God received a dream where God gave him the strategies for this charge on Beersheba.

Never underestimate the power of God to communicate His compassion for mankind! His compassion knows no bounds or limitations. And His compassion always has sat in vessels of vulnerability.

Out of dreams & intercession, came the plans for victory.

We are in a season right now, where there is a gentle but clear invitation to intercession. Intercession has always preceded great moves of God’s compassion & Presence.

Intercession is about relationship, about connection. Intercession is a means of connection between God & people. Connection doesn’t exist without giving & receiving. Giving & receiving are fundamental needs of our humanity & of our vulnerability.

Intercession is not about telling God what He should do, it is about giving Him space & receiving His heart, His Presence, & out of that we then declare what Heaven wants on earth. These declarations attract & release angelic movements & assignments. For the Australian Light-Horsemen are not the only Kings of the Feathers!

Ministries, Churches, families, individuals who base themselves in prayer, are the ones God is moving strongest through in this hour, for they believe this is where victory plans are received. After 20 years in Christian ministry, this is still our most treasured space & value. In the heart for His presence, intercession happens & they prophecy what will be. This is God’s protocol. He does nothing unless He reveals His secrets to His servants. (Amos 3:7)

God used one of the smallest, newest, vulnerable nations of the world, Australia who was but 15 years old then, to bring Jerusalem back into the hands eventually of Israel & thereby fulfilling a prophecy of Isaiah who 20 centuries before declared Israel would be birthed in a day.

Today October 31, known for other celebrations, we remember what God did. We remember & shout His praises, His victory that sat on the vulnerability & intercession of His prized possession, humanity.

Today, your vulnerability & your heart of compassion matters. Rested in intercession, you can change the world. Seize this season of heaven’s heart, for battle plans of victory are being released.

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Practicing Honor

October 24th, 2017


In a season of accelerated change, tension in normal. In the change we are being given an amazing opportunity to practice honor. Honor says “I will celebrate what you are and not stumble over what you are not.”

There is a tremendous invitation in the atmosphere right now to stumble with offence and off load discomfort and confusion through slander. Slander is a false way of connecting, & some of the most debilitating slander we can do is on ourselves!

The great tragedy of slander is that it stops us from owning our story. As we own our story we get to write it. When we don’t own our story, we hand it over to others to write. This is the misfortune of slander.

Slander is not that way of honor but the outworking of shame. It is in effect saying “I am feeling bad and deep down I believe I am not enough, therefore to make me feel better, I will prove you also are not enough.”

Honor sees the Jesus in another and calls this out. To love his presence is to see His Presence in others. As a people of God, this is a way we can fix our eyes on Jesus. Choose to see Him in others! Love covers. Love covered us while we were still sinners.

If you have a concern about another, get your courage and honor on and go and talk to them, not about them. Slander is below our dignity. Shame is below our dignity. Honor is who we are! Honor is who you are!

Papa God may a new revelation of our worthiness for honor wash over us as we navigate change. Papa God forgive us where we have partnered with slander & shame of ourselves & then of others. We repent of participating with something that is below our dignity & we humbly receive the honor you have shown us especially in Jesus. We receive & honor the blood of Jesus that makes us clean & restores the truth of our identity as a precious, worthy of honor & dignity child of God. We forgive those who have slandered us & we declare over them blessings & honor in extravagance today. Thank you your receive & value our pain & disappointment as we hand it to you now. Thank you for your love & great compassion that will heal our hearts. Thank you for empowering us to own our stories & love ourselves and others as we do that in these times of change. We love you Jesus.

Courage.. Resilience.. Not projection!

October 9th, 2017

“We need more people who are willing to demonstrate what it looks like to risk & endure failure, disappointment, & regret – people willing to feel their own hurt instead of working it out on other people, people willing to own their stories, live their values & keep showing up. We need these folks leading, modelling & shaping culture in every capacity.” Dr Brene Brown

I was reflecting on this morning. I believe we are in a season of honor resilience right now. In other words this season, is an invitation to honor people, honor the relationships that are important to us.

Right now the atmosphere is full of projection. The Miriam Webster Dictionary defines projection as the externalisation of blame, guilt or responsibility as a defence against anxiety. So the real fact of what we are living in today, is an atmosphere of high anxiety as change after change accelerates upon us.

Instead of finding the joy of vulnerability & honouring the value of another human being, projection off-loads our discomfort, pain & responsibility onto others. It is a way of painting another of the very thing we are wrestling with.

Courage stands tall & says I am not afraid to own my story, my vulnerability, my humanness, my honor. HONOR brings the truth of who I AM to you. Vulnerability is the way that truth is transferred.

Projection is also defined as the act of throwing or thrusting. How often do we all do that? “I’m uncomfortable. I’m stressed. I’m tired, so you are at fault because… & therefore you must….” Instead vulnerability which is risk, emotional exposure says, “I’m feeling stressed & tired & having a challenge managing my work load, season, I need…”

This is courage. This is leadership . This is honouring yourself & honouring others around you. This is the dignity of the human spirit. I bless you with courage today! Research has conclusively found that the ultimate measure of courage is vulnerability. It’s a practice! God bless you as you practice courage & honor today! This is truely who you are!

Day of the Father

April 4th, 2017
Received 17/03/17 by Helen Goatley
“There is coming now a new move & this new move will be of my presence as Father. What will wash across these southern shores is a new revelation & encounter of sons and daughters with their Father God. It will not be like past waves of my Fathering presence – it will be new and fresh and different. For a new generation has come to time and it is a new day. For theirs now is a glorious encounter after glorious encounter with the love of the Father. Many upon many will find their way home now. This is the day of the Father.”

Dwarf or Brave

August 20th, 2012

I awoke early. As I lay there I found myself suddenly in a vision. I saw my hands open in front of me & sitting on my palms were two figures. On the left hand was a cowering, terrified but raging dark dwarf with whip in hand. In my right hand stood a straight, confident, fully mature man brimming with peace & boldness.

Then I heard the words,

“We know how much God loves us, & we have put our trust in His love. God is love, & all  who live in love live in God & God lives in them. As we live in God, our loves grows more perfect. Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, & this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love.” (1 John 4:16-18)

Suddenly I realised what was in my hands. “Perfect love expels all fear”. Perfect doesn’t mean without err or imperfection. The word actually means completeness, maturity, man vs boy (gk: ‘teleios’). The complete, the mature have learnt to own & love their story rather than shame it or meter it out on others. Maturity has taught them to value courage and freedom that is not controlled by externals. That courage has taken them to encounters with truth, where they discover they are honourable because they have value. An encounter with the love of God always affirms their value, a value that NEVER changes because of theirs or others actions and choices.

I was mesmerised, there the mature man boldly stood on my right hand! Unintimidated. Fully Alive in Truth.

Reminds me of the one who wore the name, Jesus / Yeshua (Hebrew). He was fully God & fully man. Love looks like something & it looked like His life & death. He knew that to love was to be vulnerable & to be vulnerabie is not weak but the most accurate measure of courage.

I glanced across & there stood the twisted, raging dwarf.  This dwarf has a name. It is a greek word, ‘Kalazo’ & it means dwarf, penal infliction, torment. (1 John 4:18) Fear will always twist & fear will always reach for the intimidating whip of threat & punishment to protect & justify its cowardly position. Fear loves to mull us. Mull our identity. Mull our destiny & suffocate us with shame.

I have noticed that when fear wafts its foul stench over me, & I listen & agree to it, I take on a posture mentally, emotionally, spiritually & outwardly which is more liken to a dwarf. Ever felt that? Squashed, small, twisted by externals, not really yourself, not at all free or bold?

In contrast there is nothing more appealing, more dangerous than one who has met & dwells with perfect love. So the question is, do we “know how much God loves us, & we have put our trust in His love?” (1 John 4:16)

This is a question of relationship. Relationships require hanging out together – doing it with others. Such a strange word in this day & age when disconnect, blame & hiding are king. Yet it is the deep pain of our dwarfed souls. But doing life with others, requires of us choice, intentionally & a belief that we are worthy of love, connection & belonging. It is a commitment to ourselves & to courage.

When it is settled in us that HIS love never fails, that he never rejects us or is horrified at our mortal states, but remains bullet proof in His position FOR me, completely safe & utterly predictable towards me, I am living in who He is! So what’s settled for you? What are you living in?

God has ONLY ONE posture towards me – love. His love is a journey that concludes with a feast. He offers more. Always. Feasts in the Bible are a picture of  hospitality, significant joyous moments, & covenant. All of these remain ways today in our society of reflecting love.

When we celebrate friends coming over for a meal, when a child has a Bar Mitzvar, or an 18th & of course at a reception on the wedding day, we enjoy a feast. This is a relational thing. When a feast is reduced to function, we call it a business meeting.

This is who God is. He is into feasts! And his feasts have banners over us declaring I love YOU (Song of Song 2). He loves to celebrate us. He loves us from our fearful dwarf ways, right into a mature fully aged bold, free bride of love!

This is His ONLY posture towards you. Towards me.

I have a choice. Agree with & dress myself with love, or agree with & dress myself with fear. One diminishes me, the other builds up.  The way of love, is not for the faint hearted. It is not for a dwarf mentality. Love expels this. Either we feed from the left hand or the right.

Maturity is expensive, but so is a dwarf mentality & life!

People perfected in love, not perfected in fear, are some of the most attractive, dangerous, world changes I know. They are completely safe, completely predictable. Infused with the power of love itself, for they have settled in it & it in them! (1 John 4:16) They have only one face. The face of Jesus. And from this face they live, breathe & speak of one thing, love.

Love’s name is Jesus, God incarnate.

So what am I being perfected in?

Love or punishment? The perfect love called Jesus or the dark dwarf of fear?

It’s in your hands.

The Australian Shake…

March 22nd, 2012

As we met with some intercessors, the following impression was received. The Most High God – El Elyon – is rising up and making a way for Himself!

“The underground is stirring across this land.
As they stir, things will shake.
The ground will shake.
The heavens will shake.
The economy will shake.
Relationships will shake.
There is nothing that the power of this shaking will not touch.
But this is a shaking like none before.
This is the Australian shake.

It is the shake of the hand.
The shake of reconciliation.
The shake of a bride’s heart as she sees her bridegroom.
The shake of heart’s connecting
of meeting
Of relationship begun.
The shake of the hand.


This shake will unite not only this vast nation.
But key nations as we stand in a pivotal moment of history.
Together we will advance and lead into a way not walked before.
Together the fire of His passion,
The fire of His love will set a world ablaze like never before.
He is roaming the earth
Looking and finding his lovesick lovers
Who receive His hand,
and walk with Him. (Josh 3:3-4)
A bride prepared.
A co-heir of His son.

Such is the moment that is upon us.”

17 March 2012  – Helen Goatley


November 14th, 2011

image021.jpg What a brilliant time in history we are living in!

On the 11/11/11 all over the world, nations, families, communities set aside time to worship God. This is unprecedented in the history of mankind that worship to God was given on such a scale globally.

As I sat hearing Father’s heart now, He begun to speak more of the nature of this unprecedented time we are in.

As we worshipped around the world on Friday, He likened this to David dancing before the Lord with all His might as the Ark of the Covenant (the physical place God chose to dwell) entered the city of Jerusalem. (2 Sam 6)

In the New Testament, the new Jerusalem is likened to a prepared ‘bride adorned for her husband’ (Rev 21:2).

He whispered to me then when we as God’s bride dance before Him, worship Him, minister to Him, we are being prepared & preparing the way for Him to come.

Jesus is coming!

What came from this moment of dancing before the Lord, would set in motion the golden years for the nation of Israel & result in a resting place built by Solomon for God to finally live with His people & inhabit their praises.

This moment was so profound, so prophetic, for the people of Israel would now live around the presence of God. He no longer was outside the camp. He was the centre point of it! He was lifted up on one of the highest mountains of Jerusalem & would draw ‘all men to Him” (John 12:32)

Such was the ‘drawing power’ of a lifted up God & the favour He bestows on His lovers, that the Rulers of this world would come desiring what Isaiah prophetised.

“The nations shall come to your light and Kings to the brightness of your rising.” (Isaiah 60:3)

There is NOTHING more attractive, more beautiful, more stunning that His glory (this being the manifested presence of God) & His presence/glory being seen on His bride!

For what comes when He is ‘centred around’ is His glory risen on us. (Isa 60:1) The revealed presence of God captivates, consumes, makes sick with love. In this sickness it impossible for many to function & operate in a normal way. They are undone, longing for Him alone, dripping with Him.

And this attracts. This romances. This awakens something in others & they are drawn.

But another thing happened in this moment. “As the Ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal the daughter of Saul looked out of the window & saw King David leaping & dancing before the Lord, & she despised him in her heart.” (2 Sam 6:16)

Michal stumbled in her heart. The Hebrew word used here is ‘bazah’ meaning to disesteem, dishonour, distain. Her stumbling was because David “revealed himself before the eyes of His servants.” (2 Sam 6:20) This was unprecedented!

He broke the rules she had. The Pharisaical, Religious Spirit loves rules above freedom, especially when it comes to worshipping God! A free worshipper of God is terrifying to a Spirit of Control & beautiful to those chained to slavery.

Jesus is coming! God is making himself present more & more! Can we recognise when HE turns up or will be stumble over what His ‘David’s’ are not doing?

Our ability to honor what another carries in God, directly determines what we can receive. Michal stumbled over what David was not doing, & missed what He was carrying…. the Presence of the living God!

The consequence of this for Michal was barrenness. (2 Sam 6:23) Dishonour closes the door to receiving, evoking emptiness & desolation.

So much hinges on our ability to recognise the presence of God!

May the “eyes of your heart be enlightened, that you may know what is the hope..” (Eph 2:18)

Bill & Beni Johnson prophesied in Melbourne Australia last year that this next move of God would be about the presence of God. Can we recognise & respond to what others carry of God’s presence or will we stumble over what they are not? This is the preparation of a bride being adorned for her husband.

Many last week danced before the Lord. He is coming in & will forever change the tilt of our centre point. This is an epic transition! His glory will cover the earth!

My worship to you

November 11th, 2011

And so this moment has been visited upon me again.


Here, I have come to lay it all down at the feet of the ONE.

He has beckoned me again.

Beckoned me to surrender ALL,




This is a sacred, hallowed place.

A place of great tenderness,


& trust.


In so many ways, this is what holiness looks like,

at least in my journey, my story.


This is abandoned worship… abandoned living.


A lifestyle of consecutive moments where what is precious, what is dear, what is loved greatly in my heart,

is offered & laid down at His feet.

In this sacred moment

I relinquish what I grew to love, gave in sacrifice for…

to HIM.


And today on this day of global worship, this is my worship.


All He has given me, I give to Him.

And I trust Him again.


And He begins again to steal my heart away.


This is the dance

the romance.


This is my song of worship to you today, my Jesus.

You have my ‘YES’ again




anytime. Lord I am willing.


You have my ‘Yes’ again.

This is my worship to you, the fairest of them all.


November 11th, 2011

This morning I awoke aware of these lyrics echoing over & over again in my spirit & mind.

“All you ever wanted was my affection

All you ever wanted was love from me & just sit here at your feet. “

(Arms wide Open by Misty Edwards)

As the sun rises on this 11/11/11, I sit with the deep longing, the deep realisation of these words. These are the pained words of a lovesick bride who’s heart He has stirred & awakened. Who’s heart He has begun to steal again.

The awakened heart carries an ache, a longing for Jesus. It is filled with a heavy simple love and adoration for Him alone. A building hunger. Sometimes unable to eat nor sleep. Often finding the normal stuff excruciatingly boring. Crying out for His beauty night and day, gloriously heavy in desire for more of Him.

Dripping with Him.

And this is all He ever really wanted…

On this day of worship globally, may He awaken & stir up love… for Him again. For a lovesick bride worships from a whole other place!

As you read these words, may He stir up such a longing & hunger in you again. I bless that in you today.

“For love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave. Its flames are flame of fire,

A MOST FIERCE flame.” Song of Songs 8:6


Camping around His Presence!!!

October 12th, 2011


Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot in Israel) begins sundown today!

Time of joy & worship in Israel when they remember God’s kindness & faithfulness in the wilderness reaffirming their trust in Him. It was during this time that they lived in Sukkah’s, tents or booths also known as Tabernacles. But it wasn’t just the people of Israel who lived in these tabernacles, God himself chose to dwell in a Sukkah. Such is God’s pursuit of us, that the King of the Universe, chose to live in a tent!

The picture here is outstanding! A nation of people ‘camping out’ around the presence of God who camped with them!

The people of God on a journey! This was infact the definition Vatican 2, came up with in the 1960’s for Church… people of God on a journey.

And we do it best, when we are camped around Him, around His Presence!

All nations are called to worship the King, the Lord of Hosts at this time! (In Zech 14:16-17)

Rain is the prophesised result of this time of worship. (Zeph 14:17) It was at this Feast Jesus declared, He was the water which we could drink of & be satisfied!

For sometime now & especially during this incredible time of Feast of Tabernacles, I contemplate the question… at what point in Church History did we stop camping out around His Presence & begin ‘camping’ around sermons?

I invite you to take a time over these next 7 days & ‘camp out’ around Him in worship!

For more information, check out this brilliant website by Biblical teacher Ray Vander Laan who passionately loves Jesus & in doing so has studied under 5 different Rabbis in Israel to understand Jesus the Jew more!

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