The deception of Blind spots

The Lord has been downloading thoughts to me for awhile about Blind Spots, mainly He has been speaking to me about how by definition we are blind to them we don’t even know that they exist.
Maybe we see others get uncomfortable around us at times but that is pretty easy to rationalise off as ‘their problem’. So we just continue on ‘blindly’ after all we are doing great it is everyone else around us that has problems.
How do we react when people say something to us? Are we open to suggestions of other ways to see things? Is this a way to discover our humility or do people get to see a different side of us when they make such suggestions? I don’t advocate that you should invite every person that you meet to speak into your life, I don’t think that is particularly wise, but I also don’t think that it is wise or healthy to not have anyone to speak into your life, we need to make sure that there are people that we have actually invited to do this. Do you have these people in your life? No one gets to have a perfect human to fill this role just imperfect ones, let’s face it they may even stuff it right up and they will probably say it wrong, but the flip side of this I think is worth the risk. What if they get it right or even half right, then I get to take that ‘blind spot’ to God and He can then put His light on it and show me how to deal with it. One more blind spot dealt with. Tough yeah, takes humility yeah, but I do want to be easier to live with and to be around. Beats the stench of Pride any day!

This is a short video containing a “GOOD WORD” from Bethel church.