Bigger revelation

Greetings from London!

After 3 1/2 weeks in Germany, we’ve just arrived in the UK. Today we shared with the Chinese Church of London. We had a great time. Many made decisions to pursue the adventure of walking with Jesus.

As we were driven home, our host who works as a financial manager here in London was sharing of his experience over these last months since the global economic crisis hit. A very interesting discussion!

But with the conversation in full swing as we drove by Buckingham Palace & the glamour of Kensington, I grew increasingly uncomfortable. My mind, focus & spirit drawn more & more from an awareness of the presence of God to an awareness of the world & systems of men. My spirit began to cry out.

In this time of change, we don’t need any new heroes or new structures! We simply need a bigger revelation of the majesty, power, and compassion of Christ Jesus.

We can magnify the stuff of men. We can magnify ourselves. In fact we can magnify anything we want to. But where will that lead us?

Or we can magnify Jesus! And then we are in the realm of God & this is where the real action, the real adventure, the real life begins!

God is setting the scene for the miraculous in the western world on a scale we have not seen in some time. It is an invitation to a bigger revelation of Jesus Christ!