Begin 2024 in Your Authority

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“I find myself amazed that

of the many battles we engage in today,

be it money, control or matters of the heart,

very few of us

know how to fight the right way,

or understand

who we’re really fighting against.

To win any battle,

you’ve got to have

the right strategy and resources,

because victories

don’t come by accident.”

– War Room, The Movie

My invitation to you

The invitation to you and to us all as a community is to set aside time in these early days of January to watch the movie, War Room. While some of you may have seen it before, give it time in your heart, thinking and family as you begin a new year and cross fully into the new God has prepared for you.

Who has our spiritual authority and agreement, has where we will be this year.

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God bless you and your family!

We would love to hear what happened and what God did as a result of watching this movie.

So share in the comments below and let the testimony of what Jesus did be released over us all!