Begin 2023 with Hearing God

Reboot. Refresh. Refocus for 2023!

2 Days – Jan 23 and 24th, 2023 10AM AEST

30mins each day

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Feel the presence of God and hear His voice for 2023.

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What Others Are Saying

“The 2 Day Challenge is a great way to focus on building on your relationship with the Lord our God. I love how Helen encouraged us to practise listening to God, and how growing in this area will strengthen our faith and increase our sense of peace and joy in living every day in His presence.

I love how we were supported to be vulnerable, and allow God to take over the process, to know that He wants to take our burdens from us and guide us down the right path.

It was great to understand why we need a special place for the Lord in our homes and how honouring this space will build our relationship with God and help us grow our trust in Him. It was really helpful to have practical ideas on how to interact with God in this place and how to set our minds and hearts on Him.

I highly recommend this Challenge for anyone who wants to grow in wisdom in the area of connecting with the Lord on a daily basis, and learning how to ‘set apart’ your time with the Lord as something sacred and essential to your walk with God.”

– Ashley, Australia

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