Be Stubborn!

This swirling moment in 2020 is one of the greatest opportunities we have to be stubborn! Stubbornly defiant!

It’s all about trust RIGHT NOW! What has my trust? What has your trust?

We are positioned right now to accept an invitation to be stubbornly defiant in our trust in God! Thankfulness is an act of trust. Thankfulness is an act of defiance. Thankfulness is to be stubborn in God’s trustworthiness.

Thankfulness is our greatest friend right now! It protects us against fear and scarcity. It is the ultimate insurgence of trust!

There is a lot of disturbance in the night hours right now. Thankfulness is a key way of taking your spiritual authority and activating it. It interrupts an oppressive, hopeless, tormenting tone and rhythm that is wanting to set it itself firmly right now.

Do not underestimate the power of your words even if all you can do is say in the night hours “I give you praise! I give you thanks O God!”

Sometimes standing in our authority is offering a sacrifice of thanks when it is the last thing we feel or think!

Let your value to love him be the determinate of your life especially in the evening hours right now, not your feelings or a mindset based that is earth bound.

Be stubborn and defiant in your thankfulness to the Lord. Call in His name. Shift an aggressive atmosphere in the night hours with the ultimate act of trust.. your thankfulness.