Awkward is OK

Awkward happens when change invades our worlds.

Awkward is when we ask God a question and though not entirely sure, we willingly give what He said a go. 

Creativity esteems it highly and dances eagerly with awkward as the new finds its voice and expression. Awkward loves messy.

Awkward is love, real love, free of fear and punishment.

Awkward is a hard conversation. A teenager learning to park a car. 

Something hanging out your nose. 

Asking forgiveness.

Awkward is showing up against the flowing trend. 

Awkward is where grace gets its shining moment. Grace surely intrudes and mucks with our disposition towards law and fear.

Today is not about perfect; that unrealistic ‘law’ we feel so often obligated to appease. Today may be more about awkward than we would like to admit. 

Awkward is ok.

Let your heart breathe today… free of perfection, free of the ‘shoulds’, free of the expectations you and others tag on you.

And let His grace be birthed deeper within. Breathe in His grace which is “always more than enough for you” 2 Corithians 12:9