Awakening Angels Landing


Prophetic Vision - Awakening Angels Have Landed

During 3 significant days last week I had a prophetic vision that I believe has begun. I saw the heavens open in the east as the sun was setting on this time segment for the year.

Out of the opening in the sky poured thousands upon thousands of white angels. They cascaded through this opening like oil out of a container.

Immediately they went to assigned positions in straight lines that ran east to west running through cities and towns. While I saw these lines in southern Australia, I knew this was not limited to Australia only. It felt as though it was something that was happening across the southern hemisphere.

The enormous quantity of angels landed in their lines, shoulder to shoulder, in a crouched position like an athlete ready to start a 200m race.

The vision zoomed in on their shoulders. They did not look like warrior angels, they held no swords. Their physique was different. While they looked strong, they also looked slim able to move with quickness and precision.

On the shoulder rim of their wings was embolden the word, AWAKENING. These were awakening angels and they were coming in mass to their assigned positions. Lines upon lines they landed. Poised, ready, focused.

At this point I became aware of a shaking. I was laying down at the time and my eyes were pulled away from the angels to the bed as I felt it sway. This swaying lasted about a minute. I believe I was feeling in the natural what was happening in the spiritual realm. After doing a quick search on quake feed and the internet there was no record of earth tremors at this exact time anywhere in the southern hemisphere.

It is not uncommon for us to detect spiritual movement. We do it time after time in worship. We detect His presence with our spirit all the time.

We are in the throes of an awakening. Awakening angels have been sent and positioned.

At the time prior to Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival, intercessors recorded seeing massive giant awakening angels rising out of the ground in Wales. What unfolded in the following few years would turn not only Wales upside down, but spread through the UK, to USA, sparking the Azusa St revival in San Fransisco birthing the Pentecostal Missions Movement.

Awakening angels have arrived. Get ready, what comes next will delight you!

Cheering on!