Atmosphere of Faith 2

I was on the phone to my very good friend Roger in Munich and I was telling him about our experiences in Redding, California (see previous Blog). Roger has long known about this church and has been deeply influenced by their teachings. He had actually just gotten back from a trip to England where he heard Bill Johnson, the senior pastor of the church and his team at a conference. Roger shared how he has a 20min bike ride to and from the hospital where he works, and that every day he is getting at least 40mins of input from Bethel via his iPod. Something clicked for me. This is how Roger in Munich is maintaining this atmosphere of Faith in his life and in his home. I can testify that it is having a HUGE impact on him and his family. It is also part of how Helen & I have been working to maintain an atmosphere of Faith. We need to be putting our eyes and our ears constantly in front of things that will grow and stretch our faith, that will build us and our faith up, and to NOT be exposing ourselves to things that are constantly pulling us and our faith down.
We need to be actively finding ways to be feeding our own personal and families atmosphere of Faith.