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I am Astonished!

September 8th, 2010


Right now I am sitting in Kangaroo Ground, a suburb on the outer north east of Melbourne.
I own a house in Colorado in a suburb on the outer north east of Denver. In the natural I would love this Colorado house sold, so that we can move into our next step here in Australia. But I have just received an email that has astonished me. A month ago now I had heard the Lord whispering to me that He wasn’t yet finished with our house in Colorado.

We had gone to Colorado in what we believe was obedience to the Lord, we have established a Tabernacle in the front room facing east. This space was especially set apart for the Lord, we didn’t enter this space unless it was to meet with, worship, or chat/hang out with Jesus. Initially when we moved into the house I had also cleaned, sealed and dedicated the large Basement as a set apart space as well, just over a month ago as we were packing up a friend who is an intercessor, I believe appointed by God over Denver. (I do believe God appoints Prophets, Apostles and Intercessors over city’s, I have had the privilege of meeting several globally. They are normally hidden and unrecognised, but all the same placed I believe by God.) He was with me and together at the prompts of the Lord we cleaned and prepared this space, again setting it apart and dedicating it to the Lord.

Just now this astonishing email has came from another friend who has today just come from spending three hours in this ‘set apart Colorado Tabernacle space’, in it he mentions that the normal view to the west is currently blocked by smoke from a large fire visible from space that is burning and leaving a distinct line from the rocky mountains right out to where the Tabernacle is (right at the Airport/City Gate) and then also out at least as far again further East.


Several things astonished me, three things that the Lord has previously whispered to me, I will point out.

1/ Drawing a line east to west from the mountains out to the east, cutting off the flow from the north especially Boulder.

During our time in Colorado we found ourselves, very often driving from where we were in the east back west right across the north of town. The Lord whispered that He was drawing a line prophetically across the north of the city. This also included numerous trips into the mountains to the house of great friends, prophetically drawing and drawing and re-drawing this line from east to west, west to east, there was also this trip to the Kansas border.

2/ Uptown. God doesn’t need us to stay, to continue what He is doing. The story is here. The fire and cloud of smoke, both Biblical representations of God, here drawing the same line, west to east. Coincidence that I was sent this?

3/ He isn’t finished with the Colorado house yet.
This the Lord has whispered a few times now and this email is just a beautiful confirmation from the Lord. I have been finding the waiting hard, this helps immensely to release this and to leave the sale of the house and everything else confidently in His hands.

The Lord who has called us is Faithful, it is He that is doing this. 1Thessalonians 5:23

Jesus I love you and I am sorry for my unbelief and doubt. Once again I put my life fully and wholly into Your hands, Lord myself, my Family and this house in Colorado all I place once again into Your loving hands. Lord I especially let go of the timing of the sale of this house. It is yours and I release it all to you. So be it, do as you will.

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