The following articles have been written by Helen Goatley. Helen is known internationally as an inspiring thought provoking speaker with keen prophetic insight. These articles have brought great encouragement, consideration and direction to many around the world.

Act 2 - Understanding the Times and Seasons

I was flicking through facebook this past week and a friend’s post caught my eye. It was his words “This is the longest period I have not be able to go to my family’s farm in the country..” that had me.

The rest of his post about the Pandemic was honest, raw, passionate, and human.

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A Report on the Culture Shift - What World are You Living In?

Our culture has shifted. I propose that in the majority of the Western world, we have shifted our cultural base. Our culture is not in process of changing, but has already fully changed.


Alabaster box - Wasted over Jesus

The Alabaster box was made of marble stone. Within this highly treasured Alabaster box was the ointment known as Myrrh. Myrrh, a white liquid that flows from a tree in Africa and Arabia, was the principal ingredient in the anointing oil used in the Tabernacle and Temple.

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Last Days Weapon

This may be the most life changing thing you are about to hear.

Hear with your spirit. Not your mind.

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