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Tonight it’s Apples

January 13th, 2011

People who know us well know that JM loves apples especially at night, he often goes off to sleep after eating one or two.

Sometimes as we keep shifting around this can be an issue to have enough. Last night we arrived at Oma’s and I looked and there was one Apple. So we were right for last night. Then JM asked for a second Apple. I said, “I don’t think there is” and offered a Banana, but also said that I would check. When I checked there were two more apples in there. OK. So I chopped up one more leaving one.

Tonight I went to get his apple and noticed that there were two. OK. So I told JM that I thought God was up to something and having a little game with us, and told him that there was another apple in the fridge. JM ate the first apple and then asked for another adding excitedly, “Maybe when you go back there will be more…” So I went back to get his second apple and supposedly the last one, Oh My gosh, sure enough there were still two apples in the Fridge!

Tomorrow night will be interesting indeed.

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