About His Presence

There is something about being aware, deeply aware of personal need that enables us to recognize God and what he is doing on the earth. 

We are surrounded by human need right now, we have been on a whole new level since the pandemic. This is a moment built to recognize God!

In 2012 we were visiting some dear friends in northern Scotland when I was asked to speak at the Church of Scotland which sat on top of a hill overlooking a grand loch. 

We arrived at the church and were greeted by some very excited Scots. This was the first Sunday back after some months away, for their church bell. It had been taken down to be restored. 

I thought, “well ok… they seem pretty engrossed with their a church bell.” But as I listened to them excitedly and passionately share, I began to understand.

You see this bell was a gift from the monks of Bangor Ireland in the 6th century, where for over 300 years continuous prayer and worship was had. Australian society still acknowledges this defining moment in history with St Patrick’s day.

Records speak of stories of the sick and dying being carried up to Bangor and the shadows of those monks falling on them and being healed.

In fact so many miracles happened that people started coming in their masses. The monks hated this because they couldn’t worship God, so they would wade out into the sea or go to crags in the rocks to get away from people. 

Such was their passion for the presence of God over the praises and needs of people.

So this bell was bought from one of these monks as a gift when they bought Jesus to Scotland.

These very excited Scots shared with me how over the centuries when this bell was rung, healing angels were released and people in the village below were miraculously healed.

They were longing again for the manifest presence of God to be seen among them. For them, it wasn’t only the healing they longed for, they longed for God to be seen, actually seen alive with them.

Their awareness of personal need helped them recognise God and it become a place for extraordinary faith. It became the landing place for the presence of God to be made most real and powerful. And everyone around the loch knew it.

Moses found himself in this place also. He was surrounded by 3 million people, who had been in the wilderness for decades waiting for their promised land. He had needs everywhere.  

One day Moses says to the Lord, “You have been telling me, ‘Take these people up to the Promised Land.’ But you haven’t told me whom you will send with me.” 

He goes on in his dialogue, “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place” and then asks the greatest question ever, “Please show me your glorious presence.” (Exodus 33:15,18)

Moses so valued the presence of God, he refused the promised land if God was not going to be there. Because he knew without God, without His presence, nothing changes.

What we believe matters and what we believe about God matters.

A revelation of the goodness of God’s presence changes everything. We never forget what His goodness did!

God wants to change the face of His bride once again through a revelation of His manifest presence. He is longing to raise up a people who will learn how to value and carry His presence above everything else. 

Ones who have an awareness of need knowing that this is the very place for faith and faith attracts Him. Ones who are obsessed with one thing, HIS PRESENCE.


Let’s get Practical:

Take a moment and read Exodus 33:12-23.

Listen to your heart. Lean in to what your heart is speaking and then ask God please show me your glorious presence. Receive His goodness.

What Others Are Saying

“The 2 Day Challenge is a great way to focus on building on your relationship with God. I love how Helen encouraged us to practise listening to God, and how growing in this area will strengthen our faith and increase our sense of peace and joy in living every day in His presence. I love how we were supported to be vulnerable, and allow God to take over the process, to know that He wants to take our burdens from us and guide us down the right path.  It was great to understand why we need a special place for the Lord in our homes and how honouring this space will build our relationship with God and help us grow our trust in Him. It was really helpful to have practical ideas on how to interact with God in this place and how to set our minds and hearts on Him. I highly recommend this Challenge for anyone who wants to grow in wisdom in the area of connecting with the Lord on a daily basis, and learning how to ‘set apart’ your time with the Lord as something sacred and essential to your walk with God.”

– Ashley, Australia