A Word for Apostles…

“Now the Priests stood firmly on dry ground in the midst of the Jordan, & all Israel was passing over on dry ground..” Joshua 3:17

The Priests carried the presence of God into a raging river;
because it was harvest time (Jos 3:15).
The raging river was stopped
& revealed was dry, desert ground.
Such are the set seasons in a leaders/apostles life.
God’s provision for the Priest,
for the Apostle
was dry, desert ground.
This was God’s provision.
In the dry, desert ground the people moved.
They passed over on this ground.
Desert ground is nomadic ground.
It is not the ground of settlers, farmers & dwellers.
It belongs to the mover, the explorer.
In the journey for Israel, it was the one place
God’s presence was most clear, distinct & near.
The dry desert land is the terrain of passing over.
It is the terrain where the presence of God is carried into
and rests.
For such it did that unprecedented day
when Israel finally entered the Promised Land.
This was the chosen doorway
set by God
& marked by the presence of God.
Dry, desert ground.
Their feet were dry when they touched the Promised Land.
And so “make straight paths for your feet,
so what is lame may not be dislocated
but rather be healed.” (Heb 12:13)