A life lived in the Presence of God

I have just noticed this on the base of an Email from our friends who have a Tabernacle Ministry in the hills near Jerusalem.

Emmaus Way is more a concept than an organization.
It stands to mark the path to a life lived in the Presence of God.
It defines life’s goal as being with Him on earth…
while on the way to be with Him in Heaven.

I was so encouraged as I read this as I really related to it, sometimes what God asks of us is just so far from the norm and the standard that the normal language and concepts just don’t apply. What we are working towards and striving daily for is to be ‘in a position to be hearing the voice of God and then obeying it whether or not we understand it.’ Of course the first part of this is a life time work, to be constantly battling busyness and all of the distractions that steal from us that we ‘do not’ and ‘can not’ hear God. Then the second half which is to obey what we hear Him ask whether or not we understand it. I don’t want to limit God to just what I know of Him or how I might expect Him to react or act. As the God that I have come to know is far bigger than that and far more creative and spontaneous. It is the Greek way we have been taught to think that says man must understand everything, or that everything is subject to our minds, whereas the Hebrew mindset is that we already know that we mere humans cannot understand the ways of God and that everything is subject not to us but to the Creator God Himself. This I believe is far more accurate view of reality.