A death in the family??!!

One of God’s very early promises to us when He first asked us to come to Germany was that He would supply us with a car. Within the first week of our arrival in September 2003 we found and purchased that car. It has been fantastic, faithfully carting us all around Europe.  Today as I was talking with a mechanic after our car had failed its biannual strict German roadworthy, he informed me that the car was not worth the expensive repairs required; it was too old and had done too many kilometers. He suggested that I needed to try & sell it outside of Germany. This not only represents a big financial challenge for us but also a logistical one when we return. The hand of God is evident though! We can legally drive our car for two months, this is literally until the day we fly out. He has us covered now and of course when a new car is needed on our return.