A culture of Honor

Here are some quotes from a Danny Silk article on ‘A culture of honor.’
For more see his book of the same title. I think this is brilliant!

It is a myth or fallacy that we can control other people. If the truth were known, most people are having a big enough challenge just controlling themselves. Therefore a significant paradigm shift is required.
If we are to bring more of Heaven to Earth, then certainly we will introduce more freedom and power to people’s lives not less.
Our lives on Earth are freedom practice!
Honor is nothing less than two powerful people working together to meet the needs of one another and the needs of the situation.
The first major ingredient that honor requires is powerful people.
Jesus said “If you want to be great be a servant.”
Servants do not control people and children are creative, free and make all kinds of mistakes as they explore life daily – they’re professional mistake makers.
Another key ingredient to honor is valuing relationships. When Jesus taught the most important commandment that directed our lives was Love, He was giving us the key to creating a safe place.
An environment that is void of love is a place that needs many rules and restrictions much like you would find in a prison. No one expects love to be the culture of a society of inmates. Therefore, there are thousands of rules that make one group powerless and another group powerful. Both groups are scared of the other.
But, if we learn to excel in our loving connections to one another we have less need for rules and more room for honor. In order for freedom and power to flourish, we must have a high value for the people around us. Likewise we need a keen awareness of how our lives impact those important relationships.
Simply put, we do to others what we would have them do to us.
Powerful people make powerful messes with each other. Rather than taking power from those who make these messes, we teach other powerful people around them to confront and require respect in those relationships.
A culture of honor helps sustain a supernatural environment through preserving the freedom and power Jesus died to give us as believers
He knows that we are at our best when we breathe the freedom of His presence and walk in the power that rearranges earth to match our fathers Kingdom.