3 “G’s”

In the last weeks, the Holy Spirit has bought to remembrance part of a prophetic word given by Marc Dupont from the USA. The sense he had from the Holy Spirit, was that God has issued a season of pruning for his bride, his people. This pruning would also involve the leaders of his people, & would reveal any lack of integrity in what Marc called the 3 “G’s” “Glory”, “Girls”, “Gold”. Marc felt that God was going to confront in the areas of money, sexual immorality & glorification of men & their ministries or works.It was “Glory” from the 3 “G’s” that has rung in my spirit as we have returned to Australia. Glory had to do with any area where self importance, self glorification is the focus or heart motive. Our God is a jealous God & determines in this time that within his bride, glory is to go only to HIM. The pursuit & glorification of man which has been our inheritance through the centuries from Greek, humanistic influences, He no longer will tolerate. It has bought the fruit of bondage to souls designed to worship God not themselves. Truth & freedom are on his agenda!

Again the conviction of the Holy Spirit breathed into my soul. It is all about HIM. Not our glory but glory only to & for Jesus. To be led by the spirit will mean dealing with our flesh. The bible makes it clear, we are led either by the Spirit of God or by our flesh! Hiddenness has a way of purifying heart desires for glory. How God loves to work in opposites! Perhaps this was part of Joseph’s journey in prison?

This last week, the Lord has continued to speak revelation to me about the importance of his chosen people Israel & the one new man that Christ has made in Jew & Gentile. Ephesians 1-2 & Romans 11 were the ‘wells of living water’ the Father took me too. But what stunned me more was the centrality of Jesus in these passages. In the first 2 chapters of Ephesians alone, Jesus Christ is mentioned 34 times! Paul is writing here to the Gentile Believers in Ephesus. Although a Jewish Rabbi, trained by one of the leading Jewish Rabbis of his day, Paul now a convert to Yeshua (Jesus), can not keep the words “Jesus Christ” out of a sentence! It is clear who is the focus as he helps this Gentile church understand the Jewish roots from which it has come. He glory’s Jesus!

With the new things that God is bringing out of hiddenness & releasing in this day, Jesus must be the central point of focus & connection. Jesus said, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man on the cross, then you will realize that I am he and that I do nothing on my own, but I speak what the Father taught me. (John 8:28) Even Jesus himself, promoted not himself but the Father! We are called ambassadors in the Bible, what & who will we be ambassadors for? Seems God has made it clear to this generation around the world, that it is to glory Jesus! Easy to do that when you love Him!