Declaration of a father: Australia ripe for a massive outpouring of God

Last Sunday was Father’s Day in Australia. On this significant day, something else significant of the spirit of God was spoken.

The prophet Amos said, “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” (3:7)

White settlement in Australia was achieved predominately in an orphan mentality. Boat loads of ‘convicts’ were thrust upon the shores of Sydney & New South Wales, & left. While there was a basic skeleton of infrastructure set up, it was obviously centered around the law which managed these ‘convicts’, many of them who’s crime was no bigger than stealing a loaf of bread. In this nation, unlike America for instance, there is no language of ‘founding fathers’.

And so on Father’s Day in a nation where the orphan spirit screams “I am alone, I am not loved & cherished, I must fend for myself, I must protect myself, “Father God declared something.

billJ.jpg  It is my opinion that Bill Johnson has one of the greatest ‘fathering anointing’s’ I have seen in this last decade, possibly in my lifetime.

On September 5, 2010 as he ‘chatted’ with his family, Bethel Church in California, he declared this,

“Australia is so ripe for a massive outpouring (of God) right now. I met with some folks this last week & we were talking about hot spots around the world where we see the Holy Spirit being poured out & several of us came to a real agreement that one of the hottest spots around the world right now is Australia.”

Preceding this moment, in New Zealand an earthquake rocked the south island. This is a most strange thing as earthquakes are really experienced ‘downunder’ way (1968 last one in NZ). But in the early hours of September 4, Christchurch was hit by a 7.0 earthquake. Christ church!

What an amazing act of love that Father God declared on Father’s Day through a man carrying a huge “Father’s anointing’ to a nation wrestling with an orphan spirit mentality, that The Father is coming & wanting to pour himself into them! 

Father God whose kingdom is ruled by only one thing, love, has shown His hand. He is wanting to pour himself out on the peoples & great southland of the Holy Spirit.

This declaration was preceded by an earthquake that turned the heads of many in the nations, to a city incredibly named Christchurch.

Many years ago when we were in Bible College, we enjoyed the reflections of a guest speaker had witnessed three moves of God (revivals) in the Pacific. One reflection stuck in our spirit. He noted that in EVERY move of God, the established church missed it.

Jesus Messiah, Son of God came & walked planet earth for 33 years, & the established church of his time missed it. John the Baptist, who fulfilled prophecy as the one to prepare the way for the Son of God, missed it, until Father God spoke from heaven after Jesus was baptized. (John 1:31)

There is potential for us to miss it. What will it look like for us in one of the hottest spots around the world, to witness a massive outpouring of God? What earthquake might this bring into our lives, our thinking, our destiny?

Father God has shown His hand. The Father of Love is coming!