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Turn down the noise level…

January 4th, 2008

An intercessor in Germany emailed me today with the following prophetic dream from Obii Pax-Harry a Nigerian lady living in the UK.

These words are from the heart of God. And he beckons to you his bride…

The Dream
A lady was attempting to communicate important instruction (a message) from a foreign nation to me through a dream. Although she spoke words, her words (intangible) came across to me as a “relay baton” (tangible) necessary to finish a race. She was standing in a room full of people; cutting a picture of a busy stock exchange trading floor. She could hardly hear herself because everyone in the room was talking at the top of their voices. It seemed that everyone in the room was trying to speak at the same time. She continued to make frantic efforts to pass on the message she had for me but the noise levels in the room were phenomenal.

The lady then tried leaning forward in an attempt to get closer to me, although there would have been at least twenty or so people standing between us. Still trying to communicate the message that would help me finish my race she then said, “Wait a minute,” and walked off to find a quieter spot from where she could speak without interruption. She tried standing on her toes to gain height advantage over the people that stood between us but to no avail. She kept trying to adjust her standing position, still intent on passing on the message she had for me.

Surprisingly, her focus was on positioning, not in shouting at the top of her voice, over other voices just to be heard. She knew somehow that if she could only stand in the right place, she would be able to pass on the message regardless of the noise. I was poised to receive, but the messenger was finding great difficulty in conveying just the message or instruction I needed to resolve issues. I woke up whilst she was still trying to find a quiet corner or a place from where the “sound” of her voice could travel better.

The Lord said, “First you must stop and listen!” He then cautioned, “turn down the noise level.”

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