1 cloud – 95,000 Flights – 7 million people.

Today the skies over Briton and Europe are re-opened after 6 days being closed to air traffic due to the Iceland volcano.

9 days ago I posted the previous Blog about waiting and this being a time to wait between Passover and Pentecost.

It seems to me that God initiated a bit of ‘set apart’ time for about 7 million people, let alone the people on the other side of their journeys. 1 cloud.

Only God can work with those kinds of numbers, I look forward to Pentecost this year, May 23rd.

Source the Melbourne Age. –

Airlines face a vast task after an estimated 95,000 flights were cancelled across Europe alone.

“Airlines have nearly 7 million passengers stranded around the globe. Australians account for about 60,000 of them, with a quarter being carried by Qantas. Airlines also have planes out of position.”