“Time of the son” – season for the USA

flag.jpg   During a moment of worship & deep adoration of Jesus. I heard Him say,
“It is the time of the son.”

“Immediately I saw the country of the USA. I saw sons working in the fields, suddenly hear & see Jesus the Son of God, standing before them, calling them, “Come follow Me.” I saw millions of them get up immediately from their field & walk away.

I saw some turn & wave goodbye to their family of origin who were standing by their houses, & I saw others getting up, eyes unmoved off Jesus, simply walk off, no turning back to look at what they were leaving behind them.

Then I saw Jesus on a ship, standing at the entrance point on the ship, waving them welcome. Line after line flooded on board, some full of joy & dancing, some heavy of heart knowing what & who they were leaving behind them. Every son that had boarded was young.

The shipping port they were leaving from was lined with old, weathered buildings that had upon them the signs “Founding Fathers”. While the dock had some people moving around on it, it was no longer a busy port. In the background of this port, I saw a steal gray city, noisy, busy, & stuffed full with men in gray suits rushing from one high rise building to another. These buildings so numerous they almost blotted out the horizon. A thick heavy pollution hung in the city, falling lower & lower.

At the dock, the sons continued to board, all with empty hands, none took anything with them only the clothes on their back. They boarded knowing that they were receiving an exchange of Provider & an exchange of the way of provision. Gladness filled their being.

On board, some stood by the side waving goodbye, others simply went about the business of settling. All were alone, no family with them.

Written in charcoal on their chests were the words, “The new.”

On the inside of their forearms, was tattooed the words, “For Jesus, the Son of God.”

Once on board, I saw them being given new uniforms. They exchanged their old individual clothes pale & pastel in color, for new Venetian uniforms, stripped blue & white.

As they donned the uniforms, an atmosphere of deep romance filled the ship.
Jesus who was large & brilliantly white walked down the centre of the ship. As He did, they fell to their knees weeping & worshipping Him in the awe of His beauty & power. They were spell bound in love of Him. Not moving or daring to breath the rarified air of His holiness.

As Jesus walked He handed out new tools & gifts. Some received large ancient swords, some yellow flowers, others blacksmith hammers. I saw that only those who eyes where unwaveringly on Him received these.

Others lay prostrate, face down on the deck of the ship. They simply lay there overwhelmed with a deep awe & fear of Him, the Son of God. Light flooded upon their bodies. It was evident that this was the very purpose of their existence. These ones especially drew warm affection & respect from Him. Stopping, He would sit with them talking, as one would to a close friend. Their love for him & His for them, was so much it could not be contained.

The number of those who lay prostrate far outnumbered those who were looking up at His face. Infact those who fell laying prostrate before Jesus, created the effect liken to red carpet being unrolled.

A thundering voice was heard from heaven, “Father exchange. The sons have left home.”

A stillness & complete silence followed.

After what seemed an all too brief moment, a deep chant begun to echo not only in the ship but across the waters;
“Time of The Son”
“Time of The Son”
“Time of The Son”

This chant grew louder & louder. Its vibration shifting the earth’s very soil, causing a movement that can only be likened to that resulting from an earthquake. I saw every structure on the land mass these sons had just left, crumble.

All on board were completely safe & unaffected in any way.

They continued over the waters, sailing towards the rising sun.”


God is speaking to us, every one of us, & trying to get us to leave the shoreline. There is only one place where we can get the mind & will of God; it is alone with God. There is a close companionship between you & Jesus that nobody knows about. It seems to me that God wants to get everyone of us separated to himself…” 

Smith Wigglesworth, Greater Works