The Tabernacle

Creating 'spaces' to experience the presence of God

Tabernacle Music

The following is some great music for use in the Tabernacle. The main criteria we look for are songs about God that lead us to worship Him, not about us or our lands, etc. We intentionally seek worship music that helps us get our eyes on to Jesus, the author and perfector of our Faith. The list is by no means exhaustive, but we wanted to make it available as a resource.

Two categories are:

How He loves us – Kim Walker

My Soul longs for You – Misty Edwards

*indicates worship that is God focused, adoration of him.
=indicates prophetic worship     (Artist listed first, then albums)

Kathryn Scott (Ireland)
– We still Believe *
– Satisfy
– I belong

Ancient Paths (Instrumental)
– Rivers of Living Water

Rivertribe (Aust)
– The Journey
– The Blessing

Kim Walker (USA)*=
(from Bethel Church, CA)
– This is my Song

Brian & Jeni Johnson/Jesus Culture (USA)*
(from Bethel Church, CA)
– Come Away
– Be High & Lifted up
– Your love never fails

Misty Edwards (USA)*=
(from International House of 24/7 Prayer)
– Fling Wide
– Relentless. IHOP Kansas City
– Always on His mind

Tim Hughes (UK)*
– When the Silence Falls
– Holding Nothing Back

Alberto & Kimberly Rivera (USA)* =
– Live @GC – free worship songs download Here.
– The Longing
– Reigning Presence
– We will Run
– Live Soaking Vol 1
– Deeper Still
– Yearnings (Instrumental)

Galilee of the Nations (Israel) *=
– The Road to Jerusalem
– Adonai

Shachar (Israel)
– Your People, My people

Sons of Korah (Aust)*
– Resurrection
– Shelter
– Redemption Songs
– Light of Life

Hillsong United (Aust)
-More than life

Plantshakers (Aust)
– Evermore(*various tracks)
– Always & forever
– All that I want
– Open up the Gates
– Rain Down
– Split Trax(*various tracks)

Matt Redman (UK)*=
– We shall not be shaken
– Facedown
– Where Angels fear to tread
– Intimacy
– Friendship & the Fear

Jason Upton (USA)*=
– Faith
– Trusting the Angels

Jeffo Deyo (USA)
– Light
– Saturate

Third Day (USA)
-Offerings 2

Michel W. Smith (USA)*

Rita Springer (USA)*=
-Created to Worship

Andrew Ironside (Aust)
– Intimacy

Reuben Morgan (Aust)*

Heather Clarke (Canada)*=
– Glorious Praise
– Undivided Focus
– Now is the Time

Robert Stearn (Israel)
– Earnestly waiting

-Hungry live – a call to Worship*
-Winds of worship UK*

Keith Green (USA)
– Minstry years Vol 1-4

Nick Herbert (UK)*
– Praiseworthy

Worship House (Manchester UK)*
-God is Here

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