The Tabernacle

Creating 'spaces' to experience the presence of God


The Australian Shaking

17 March 2012
Helen Goatley

“The underground is stirring across this land.
As they stir, things will shake.
The ground will shake.
The heavens will shake.
The economy will shake.
Relationships will shake.
There is nothing that the power of this shaking will not touch.
But this is a shaking like none before.
This is the Australian shake.

It is the shake of the hand.
The shake of reconciliation.
The shake of a bride’s heart as she sees her bridegroom.
The shake of heart’s connecting
of meeting
Of relationship begun.
The shake of the hand.


This shake will unite not only this vast nation.
But key nations as we stand in a pivotal moment of history.
Together we will advance and lead into a way not walked before.
Together the fire of His passion,
The fire of His love will set a world ablaze like never before.
He is roaming the earth
Looking and finding his lovesick lovers
Who receive His hand,
and walk with Him. (Josh 3:3-4)
A bride prepared.
A co-heir of His son.
Such is the moment that is upon us Upon this land And the nations of the world.”


Kevin Johnson, USA 2010

Over 10 years ago while Mark & Helen were working for Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia, they begun to be stirred by ‘thin places’ that litter the landscape of the United Kingdom & Europe as they led there teams of young adults on missions tours.

These ‘thin places’ where the distance between heaven & earth is so tangibly thin, begun for them what is now their pursuit, creating such spaces for the presence of God. Affectionately they call them “Tabernacle Spaces”; a reference to the Tabernacles of Moses & David that occurs in the Scriptures.

Over the years as they have lived in Germany, Australia & USA, they have witnessed the emergence of ‘Tabernacles’ in the privacy of people’s homes as well as in public places such as church buildings.

From the very beginning, they have held a somewhat detailed vision of establishing a place where the nations would come to simply be in the presence of God.

In the vision of a watering hole/presence place, they have seen a property with one building centrally upon it, surrounded by nature & space. This building is the ‘tabernacle space’. It is an open, accessible space full of light, continuous worship & the beauty of His presence.

“Beloved friends, the Father says He’s giving you a homeland. When He finally brought and settled Israel into her Promised Land, so too is He wanting to bring you into His special place prepared for you, and He is going to plant you in it: yes, it is a planting of the Lord’s choosing as a home base for you, a place where He will cause you to take root in, and from this place He will continue to send you out into the nations, though now the nations will begin coming to you as also . . . like streams flowing out and in, so you and the nations will be flowing out and in, coming and going, going and coming, coming and going and going and coming.

As the water flows from the temple in Ezekiel 47:1-12, so will His River flow from this place where He is planting you: rivers that will flow out into the nations through you – rivers of His Presence for healing and life.  The rivers that will flow from this homeland He is going to show you and bring you into are rivers of His Presence . . . His Life . . . His healing and reconciliation . . . and of His Love; all flowing from this homeland He is going to bestow to you here on earth for His dwelling.

Beloved He gives this to you as inheritance by way of promise according to His desire, and He will plant you here so you fully possess it: it is here He will open a highway to the nations for you to go out and them to come in; you and the nations, coming and going, going and coming, and the Glory of His Presence will spread out into all the earth from this place as rivers of living water, for He says it is a gateway through which He will pour out His Spirit and Glory upon the nations in the times ahead.

As a foreign embassy is sovereign territory of that nation though it be in a foreign land, so is this homeland inheritance fully His, given to you for His Glory, and you will possess it.  You will possess it.  You will possess it.  For He has made you His ambassadors in the earth, and from here will He reveal Himself to many, issuing Heavenly “visas” to the nations to some while causing a change in course for others.  And He gives you, beloved, a new favor and authority in a Fathering spirit for the nations and those He’s sending and bringing you to, both young and old.

“Moreover I will appoint a place for My people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own and move no more; nor shall the sons of wickedness oppress them anymore, as previously.” (1 Chron 17:9) ”


Jan 25, 2010
Helen Goatley

“I saw upon the mountains a whirly.
It sprung up from nowhere & began descending down the rugged, stony slopes to the plains & valleys.
It moved around with an intentionally.
It did not move fast
but at a deliberate pace.
It was a pure white.
Then it stopped in one place.
And many from the mountains
Who’d been taking refuge there came down. (Matt 17:1-5)
They were dressed in animal skins,
All were thin
& long haired. (Mal 3:1)
They came down & stood before the white whirly looking up at it in wonder.
A strong sense of mission upon them
& in their eyes.
As I saw their eyes
they were filled with fire
& intense love for only one thing, Jesus.
Nothing else.
Nothing else.
There was a strong sense of internship upon them.
Slowly by 1’s, 2’s & 4’s
They were very carefully assigned to places & people.
There were not many people that they were assigned to
& those with no people
Where assigned in groups of 4 to a place.
They went & simply sat in these places
& camped around fires.
And slowly various numbers of individuals & families
Came together & gathered at these fire places.
These who joined them also were slim in figure,
consumed with no other agendas or focus,
but Jesus. (Isa 40:3-5)
I saw the whirly go & rest upon each fire place
then move onto the next.
After its departure from the fireplace,
I saw the people gathered there
disperse in all directions carrying swags
& a burning torch lit from the fireplace,
tattooed upon their foreheads was the word “NEW”. (Isa 43:19, 2 Cor 5:17, 20)
They went in all directions of the compass
Consumed with one thing, JESUS.”

The fulness of time for a Generation

December 7th, 2007
Helen Goatley

“Time has come to its full for many people
and many things.
These next months will see huge change and much movement for many people. Around the world a great stirring and transversing is now taking place.
Like dominos I am moving my people and bringing shifts that are setting people and events into place ready for a move and action of me unseen since the 1600’s. Such is the time.
Those who hear my voice and obey
will receive my blessing in these days.
Many I have been quietly but thoroughly preparing for this time.
No generation is missed.
And this generation is now coming to its time
Time to Father & Mother my next ones. (1 Cor 4:15)
It is now come their day.
They have sporned a revolution so different, so intense
that it will echo of Luther’s day
and before him, Paul’s day.
It is now time of great change, great upheaval, great shifts in me.”

One New Man

July 2007
Helen Goatley

“Beloved I am about to do a strange thing indeed.

You would not nor could not of perceived it from the beginnings of time.

I will complete my work

through strange & unusual acts.

Be looking for these more.

My chosen people,

the faithful remnant sent to the ends of the earth

to bring my salvation as Isaiah prophesied,

who know & believe Yeshua the cornerstone.

I am heralding a new, brand new wind of my spirit in this land of Australia

Where the one new man of Jew & Gentile walks together,

The complete house of God

Not built or refuged in lies.

It is now the day of this.”

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