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Creating Great Relationships


In a climate of extreme change where God is doing unprecedented things & our world is moving a faster speed with change accelerating, our capacity to do relationships is critical. We live in times where shame is driving disconnection & competition, our cheering for & loving each other matters!
Living courageously is one of the greatest needs and challenges of our day.

This series is an invitation to carve out a space to invest more in yourself, your relationship with God & with those that matter to you. How can I create & build healthy relationships? We all experience disappointment & heartbreak, how do we navigate these? By the end of this series you will be inspired & equipped practically to continue the journey towards relational, emotional & spiritual maturity. This is a sacred space where respect, & honor for the presence of God & human relationship can be nourished.

Creating Great Relationships is presented by Helen & Mark Goatley of All4Him The Tabernacle. It is sourced from the research & work of Dr Brene Brown, Dr Curt Thompson, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu & Pastor Danny Silk.

Topics include:
The Power of Connection & Vulnerability, Building Trust, Living BIG, Nurturing Honor & Shame resilience in our relationships

Available for any Connect groups, Women’s groups, Leadership, Management or Staff teams within Business, Christian Ministry or Education Sectors. All we need is a minimum group size of 10 plus covering our travel expenses.

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What others have said

“Creating Great Relationships – what an amazing course! Helen and Mark are great demonstrators of this subject. They have a natural, gentle way of challenging your perspectives & relating with people that also flows in their teaching style. This course will give practical tools to help you in conversing with people, how to go after honour in relationships, what vulnerability looks like and encouraging you to step into places of vulnerability to bring out the best in yourself and others. “For true connection to happen we have to be vulnerable.” Helen and Mark help us to understand what that looks like and give us tools to walk that out. There will be many surprises for you along the way as Helen brings out amazing insights that will bring freedom to you and bring greater freedom in your communicating with others. You won’t want this course to end, it’s that good!!” Pastor Sandy Gray, Worship Pastor, Catch The Fire Melbourne, Australia

“I felt like this series really healed me emotionally & equipped me to continue to do life boldly.”

“The breakdown of honor & how society needs it really spoke to me. I say hi & bye to 50-200 people a day as a Teacher, & I realised that sometimes I’ve even been dishonouring. This series gently challenged my perspectives & I was able to grow my emotional intelligence & courage.”

“To chase God in vulnerability, this is what faith is!”

“Love the using of real examples, could so identify with the speaker. Loved your creativity in teaching!”


About Helen

This series is taught by Helen Goatley B.A. Dip Ed. Dip Theol

Helen Goatley is a inspirational speaker who carries a huge heart for God. Helen’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore topics with tremendous honesty, warmth & encouragement. She is a thought leader, story teller & has a rare ability to move audiences & leave them with actionable change & insight.

As a young girl growing up in a missionary family, Helen encountered the presence of God & His love for her in a dynamic way, this personal love for Jesus now infectiously permeates Helen’s teaching. Helen loves expanding people with hope into a deeper encounter with the presence of God & their destiny.

Mark and Helen, are the Founders and Directors of All4Him The Tabernacle an International Christian Ministry focused on inspiring people to create space to experience the Presence of God and providing training for Groups, Leadership, Management or Staff Teams within Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sectors.

When Helen is not providing live training, she is developing and presenting Online Courses aimed to help people cultivate spiritual, emotional and relational transformation in their lives. Together Mark and Helen provide Spiritual Consultancy.

Helen brings with her experience in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Recently studying under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston. 

In 1997, Helen and Mark stepped into full time Christian Ministry, beginning in Pastoral work then with Wycliffe Bible Translators and YWAM. With their son, Joel-Mark they have lived in Russia, Australia, Germany, Israel and USA. Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and music. Mark & Helen are aligned with Bethel Church Redding, USA. Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing & music.

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