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Around the year 2000, there was a global shift where suddenly people started to hunger for the Presence of God. They didn’t want religion anymore, they wanted encounter with the God of the Bible. Graeme Cooke said it best, “God is inviting us to enter a whole new spiritual dimension, a climate so thick with the presence of God that it will affect our ability to stand, let alone walk. For God is restoring His manifest presence among us.’” Graham Cooke, A Divine Confrontation.

As a result a pursuit for more of God has risen. Individuals and communities have realised that we have been called to such intimate communion with God that all things are possible for us who believe and who have been created like Him. There has been a continuing reformation of “the death of Jesus on the cross making it possible for humanity to come into a place that had previously been hidden, where mankind could carry the Presence of God and do all He did.” Heidi Baker, Missionary & CEO of Iris Global

As people all over the world began to grasp this, there has been such an awakening of the transforming power of the Presence of God. Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, articulated in this way, “People not only were healed when Jesus prayed for them, they just seemed to get well when they were near Him. It was actually the Presence of God upon him, for the anointing is a person.”

An encounter with the Presence of God, is an encounter with the Person of God and that changes us forever.

This series is an invitation to carve out a space to mature in experiencing the Presence of God individually & corporately. How can I recognise the Presence of God connecting with me or others? We all experience disappointment, fear, failure, so how do we navigate these difficult, heartbreaking seasons especially as Leaders? By the end of this series you will be confident & equipped practically on how to stay centred on His Presence no matter what life brings. It is a sacred space where respect, honor & value for the presence & power of God can be nourished.

This series is presented by Helen & Mark Goatley of All4Him The Tabernacle.

Evening Series over 4 weeks includes:
Hearing the Voice of God, Prophecy, Hosting the Presence of God, Nuances of His Presence, Intimacy with God

Available for any Connect groups, Mom’s / Ladies groups, Leadership, Management or Staff teams within Business, Christian Ministry or Education Sectors. All we need is a minimum group size of 10 plus covering our travel expenses.

The question of the moment

The hot question seems to be “Do I have to come to all 4 sessions?” Our answer is that this is up to you. We fully understand busy lives and schedules. While each session definitely builds onto the next, the 4 weeks also each cover different modules, so we honour & celebrate your ability to come as you can.


What others have said

“As Senior Pastor of Catch The Fire Church, experiencing and encountering God’s Presence is one of my highest values and greatest desires. The recent seminar by Mark and Helen Goatley of All4Him The Tabernacle created a fresh environment in which these key values were both taught and experienced. I was impacted by the concept of the nuances of His Presence introducing and opening my eyes to importance and significance of our senses. This is a seminar not to be missed, providing teaching, insight and activation in this key arena of Experiencing The Presence of God.” John Arnott, Senior Pastor, Catch The Fire Melbourne, Australia

” I felt God’s presence more than I ever have before. Hearing from God more than ever. This was unexpected! Ravishingly famished for His constant tangible presence!”

” Invaluable. Engaging. Practical. Allowed freedom to practice what is learnt. I noticed our family is closer because of this course.”

“I learnt something brand every single week, that completely changed me.”

“Incredibly anointed teachers & teachings!”

“The presence of God was so thick & tangible in the place.”

“Hosting His Presence can be fun. It was more than just how to experience the presence of God – issues & blockages. You put words to things I lacked words with & stretched me incredibly. Thank you!”



About Mark and Helen

Helen Goatley, BA, Dip Ed, Dip Theol, is a inspirational speaker who carries a huge heart for God. This personal love for Jesus now infectiously permeates Helen’s teaching. Helen loves expanding people with hope & encouragement into a deeper encounter with the presence of God & their destiny.   

Mark Goatley, Dip Theol, is a story teller & holds enormous insight and heart to help people walk in and embrace their destiny personally and corporately. Mark carries a Fathering anointing, he has a wonderful way of sharing the Biblical message of Rest & Presence.

Mark and Helen are the Founders and Directors of All4Him The Tabernacle an International Christian Ministry focused on inspiring people to create space to experience the Presence of God and providing training for Groups, Leadership, Management or Staff Teams within Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sectors.

When Helen is not providing live training, she is developing and presenting Online Courses aimed to help people cultivate spiritual, emotional and relational transformation in their lives. Together Mark and Helen provide Spiritual Consultancy. In this season Mark is also working to increase their YouTube presence and get their schools and teaching online.

Helen brings with her experience in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Recently studying under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston. 

In 1997, Helen and Mark stepped into full time Christian Ministry, beginning in Pastoral work then with Wycliffe Bible Translators and YWAM. With their son, Joel-Mark they have lived in Russia, Australia, Germany, Israel and USA. Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and music. Mark & Helen have aligned with Bethel Church Redding, USA.


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