The Tabernacle

Creating 'spaces' to experience the presence of God

Camping around His Presence!!!

October 12th, 2011


Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot in Israel) begins sundown today!

Time of joy & worship in Israel when they remember God’s kindness & faithfulness in the wilderness reaffirming their trust in Him. It was during this time that they lived in Sukkah’s, tents or booths also known as Tabernacles. But it wasn’t just the people of Israel who lived in these tabernacles, God himself chose to dwell in a Sukkah. Such is God’s pursuit of us, that the King of the Universe, chose to live in a tent!

The picture here is outstanding! A nation of people ‘camping out’ around the presence of God who camped with them!

The people of God on a journey! This was infact the definition Vatican 2, came up with in the 1960’s for Church… people of God on a journey.

And we do it best, when we are camped around Him, around His Presence!

All nations are called to worship the King, the Lord of Hosts at this time! (In Zech 14:16-17)

Rain is the prophesised result of this time of worship. (Zeph 14:17) It was at this Feast Jesus declared, He was the water which we could drink of & be satisfied!

For sometime now & especially during this incredible time of Feast of Tabernacles, I contemplate the question… at what point in Church History did we stop camping out around His Presence & begin ‘camping’ around sermons?

I invite you to take a time over these next 7 days & ‘camp out’ around Him in worship!

For more information, check out this brilliant website by Biblical teacher Ray Vander Laan who passionately loves Jesus & in doing so has studied under 5 different Rabbis in Israel to understand Jesus the Jew more!

Jewish Feasts | That the World May Know


September 25th, 2011

One conversation. One topic. One thing.

Nothing else matters.

Abandoned to Him.

He is my very breath.


September 5th, 2011

“So here I am again. Wasted.

Wasted over you

Poured out over you

You’re Beautiful!

In all the ways I could be used,

I could be valued

I could be seen.

Instead, the preciousness of my life

is ‘spent’



served upon you,

Beautiful one!

Extravegant is my gift – it’s all I have,

my life


all for you.

I am a waste

my talents

my training

my intellect

my love..

a waste…

Over you.

There is a price to pay in this day for such a gift,

such a choice.

I pay it with the one thing that is most dearest to me,

my heart – the throne of all my affections.

What outrageousness!

What apparent craziness!

But you have my yes.

This is my yes.

What will be the measure by which my life will be valued?

What will be the point of my days?

Only heaven’s summary is valid now.

Heaven has been given my life, my days, my yes.

Wastefulness on earth

priceless in heaven.

Sacrificing the temporary for the eternal.

So here I am again

and I see your face, you’re beautiful!

I am yours




Etchings from this sojourner called like Moses to “Arise, take your journey before the people.” (Deut 10:11)

Time of His eyes

August 29th, 2011

Today on the calender marks a new moon. It is the end of one cycle & the beginning of a new. The effects of this day will have far reaching consequences. Even the tides of the sea will shift because of it.


What can come for all of us is one of the most amazing times in God. I submit to you that this is a time of His eyes.

Next month, the nation of Israel will be celebrating Rosh HaShanah. This is the start of their new year. God calls this time the Feast of Trumpets. From now until the next full moon, trumpets & shofars (ram’s horns) are commonly heard every morning in Israel.

This is a time of preparation, a time of yearning.

Within one month of the Feast of Trumpets, the Feast of Atonement (Yom Kippor) & Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is celebrated. This time is all about relationships.

We have all experienced that moment when the face of someone we love appears & the immense value we place on that relationship attracts our attention & suddenly diverts our priorities. Relationship creates access.

There are 7 feasts in the Bible which God calls His. (Lev 23;2) The Hebrew word for feasts is ‘mo’ed’ meaning appointed, fixed time or season, marriage. These are seasons where the natural realm alines in a specific way with the realm of God. They are points of access to a deeper love with God.

John, a follower of Jesus known as the one “Jesus loved” (John 13:1) had such a powerful encounter with the manifest presence of God during one such feast that it overtook him physically. (Rev 1:17)

John says that “He was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day & heard behind a great voice as of a trumpet.” (Rev 1:10) We are given the time indicator here of ‘the Lord’s day’, also known as the Feast of Atonement.

As soon as John hears the ‘great voice as of a trumpet’, he has an incredible vision of the ‘Son of Man’, Jesus. John is awed by the face & eyes of someone who loved him (Rev 1:14). Never underestimate the potential of an encounter with the presence of God especially during His ‘fixed times’.

There is something in this season like at no other time. His face is turning. His eyes of love are burning, longing for us!

Love’s invitation

August 9th, 2011

It is with pleasure that I introduce to you a dear friend, who upon being consistently in the private place with Jesus her lover, has offered to share some of this journey with you. May you be blessed as you marinate in these words, images & invitation, especially as the world shakes again looking for a ‘safe haven’.

Dripping Myrrh

“What is the story behind the words love, oneness, consummation?  What is the Heart whispering to the heart?

Peering into the process of learning to trust the Voice, the call, the invitation, we see a glimpse of the wooing heart of Jesus in Song of Songs 5:2-6.

There we find the beloved in her chamber, washed and reclining, at rest.  But her heart is awake and calling, “Open to me, my beloved.”

With pained reluctance, she hurls her excuses perhaps in weariness, maybe pride, or even shame.  Can a lover love so much that he withdraws in order to create true freedom in response?

Without anger, without frustration, without condescension, He, who is perfect love, paints oil on the very barrier inhibiting consummation.

Not just any oil, it is the oil of myrrh!
It’s the ointment of healing, a life preserver.

It’s the priceless balm of a burial spice.
It’s the wealth of a King mixed with the bride price.

The fragrance of sacrificial love stings, yet it leaves the residue of grace.
……the Invitation remains, but now… there is space.

This is not distance, as if abandoned, but space that punctuates freedom.

“Come unto me or stay in your chamber, either way my Heart is alive and passionate for you. You can’t alter the depth of my love.  I will endure with you until you know you are truly free to receive all of who I am, wherever you are.”

“Open to me. Come unto me.”  Can you hear it ring?  Can you feel it pull on the aches of your heart to be known, to be rescued, to be defended, to be lavished upon?
“Open to me, my perfect one!”  He’s calling…….

The invitation is the fragrance of sacrificial love!  The invitation is in the space between His advance and our response!  The invitation is to be free to be loved wholly, extravagantly, openly.

You see, beloved, Jesus means to draw you out from the chambers of your rest and into the chambers of His heart, eternal rest!  He purposes to envelop you with His waves of mercy and unconditional agape!  He desires to arrest you in the day, in the night, in the upper room, at the city gates!

There is a scandalous reality that the purity of His holy love intimately manifests in the unseen chasms of the inner being,  yet it is fully flaunted in the world.

Beloved, let Him love you in the lowliest of valleys, at the height of the heavens, at the table before your enemy, and in the secret place.  No more compartments of love!  The invitation stands for us to move from portions of love into an experience of its fullness!

He’s knocking on the door of our hearts.  He’s knocking…..not ambushing, not demolishing, but knocking.  Can you feel His gentleness?

Can you see the goodness in the freedom He offers?

Will you permit yourself to respond to love and in so doing, be free indeed?

Even the “yes” in your spirit will lead you to open the door,
and there you’ll be met by love’s oil, dripping myrrh.”

Amy Eben, Colorado USA

Dwarf or mature man?

June 24th, 2011

I had a vision this morning. I saw my hands open & sitting on my palms where two figures. On the left hand was a cowering, terrified raging dwarf with whip in hand. In my right hand stood a straight, confident, fully mature man brimming with peace & boldness.

Then I heard the words,

So we have come to know & to believe the love that God has for us.

God is love, & whoever abides in love abides in God, & God abides in us.

By this is love perfected in us..There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.

For fear has to do with punishment, & whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

(1 John 4:16-18)

Suddenly I realised what was in my hands.

“Perfect love casts out fear” says 1 John. Perfect means completeness, full age, man (gk: ‘teleios’). The complete, full aged man perfect in character, courageous because he is not controlled by externals, totally free, intent on only one thing, love.

Reminds me of the one who wore the name, Jesus / Yeshua (Hebrew). He was God. God is love (1 John 4:16). His life & death punctuated this point. He now sits at the right hand of God the Father.

Fear on the other hand, is linked with punishment here. The word is ‘kalazo’. It means dwarf, curtailed, penal infliction, torment.

I have noticed that when fear wafts its foul stench over me, & I listen & agree to it, I take on a posture mentally, emotionally, spiritually & outwardly which is more liken to a dwarf. Ever felt that? Squashed, small, retarded, not really yourself, not at all free or bold?

There is nothing more appealing, more dangerous than one who has met & dwells with this perfect love. So the question is, have we “come to know & to believe the love that God has for us?” (1 John 4:16)

This is a question of relationship. Relationships require abiding. Abiding is staying, enduring, settling. They require of us choice. And it is in this atmosphere of choice that love grows.

When it is settled in us that HIS love never fails, never runs out, is for me, totally safe, always constant, & utterly predictable towards me, I am abiding. So what’s settled for you? What are you abiding in?

God has only one posture towards me – love. His love is a journey that concludes with a feast. Feasts in the Scriptures mark hospitality, significant joyous moments, & marriage. All of these remain ways today that reflect love.

When we celebrate friends coming over for a meal, when a child has a bar mitzvar, or an 18th & of course at a reception on the wedding day, we enjoy a feast. This is a relational thing. When a feast is reduced to function, we call it a business meeting.

This is who God is. He is into feasts, because His banner over us is love (Song of Song 2). He loves to celebrate us. He loves us from our slavery or dwarf ways, right into a mature fully aged bold, free bride of love!

This is His only posture towards me.

I, on the other hand, have a choice. Agree with & dress myself with the posture of love, or agree with & dress myself with the posture of fear. One diminishes me, the other builds up.

The way of love, is not for the faint hearted. It is not for a dwarf mentality. Love casts this out. Dwarfs & mature men can not dwell together in the one body. It is either the left hand or the right.

Maturity is expensive, but then again so is a dwarf mentality & life!

Men perfected in love, not perfected in doing, are some of the most impressive, dangerous, world changes I know. They are completely safe, completely predictable. Infused with the power of love itself, for they have settled in it & it in them! (1 John 4:16) They have only one face. The face of Jesus. And from this face they live, breathe & speak of one thing, love.

Love’s name, Jesus, God incarnate.

So what am I being perfected in? What are you?

Love or punishment? The perfect man Jesus or the dwarf of fear?

It’s in your hands.

“Homeland” – why Sydney & the Blue Mountains

June 21st, 2011


July 2010 – received by Kevin Johnson, USA

Over 10 years ago while Mark & Helen were members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, they begun to be stirred by ‘thin places’ that litter the landscape of the United Kingdom & Europe as they led teams of young adults on missions tours.

These ‘thin places’ where the distance between heaven & earth is so tangibly thin, begun for them what is now their pursuit, creating such spaces for the presence of God. Affectionately they call them “Tabernacle Spaces”; a reference to the Tabernacles of Moses & David that occurs in the Scriptures.

Over the years as they have lived in Germany, Australia & USA, they have witnessed the emergence of ‘Tabernacles’ in the privacy of people’s homes as well as in public places such as church buildings.

From the very beginning, they have held a somewhat detailed vision of establishing a place where the nations would come to simply be in the presence of God. This watering hole/presence place they are now contending for in Sydney from the gateway of the Blue Mountains. (If interested in the prophetic words & journey of this

In the vision of a watering hole/presence place, they have seen a property with one building centrally upon it, surrounded by nature & space. This building is the ‘tabernacle space’. It is an open, accessible space full of light, continuous worship & the beauty of His presence.

The following prophetic word was given to Mark & Helen Goatley as God called them to move from USA to Sydney Australia in 2010.

“Beloved friends, the Father says He’s giving you a homeland. When He finally brought and settled Israel into her Promised Land, so too is He wanting to bring you into His special place prepared for you, and He is going to plant you in it: yes, it is a planting of the Lord’s choosing as a home base for you, a place where He will cause you to take root in, and from this place He will continue to send you out into the nations, though now the nations will begin coming to you as also . . . like streams flowing out and in, so you and the nations will be flowing out and in, coming and going, going and coming, coming and going and going and coming.

As the water flows from the temple in Ezekiel 47:1-12, so will His River flow from this place where He is planting you: rivers that will flow out into the nations through you – rivers of His Presence for healing and life. The rivers that will flow from this homeland He is going to show you and bring you into are rivers of His Presence . . . His Life . . . His healing and reconciliation . . . and of His Love; all flowing from this homeland He is going to bestow to you here on earth for His dwelling.

Beloved He gives this to you as inheritance by way of promise according to His desire, and He will plant you here so you fully possess it: it is here He will open a highway to the nations for you to go out and them to come in; you and the nations, coming and going, going and coming, and the Glory of His Presence will spread out into all the earth from this place as rivers of living water, for He says it is a gateway through which He will pour out His Spirit and Glory upon the nations in the times ahead.

As a foreign embassy is sovereign territory of that nation though it be in a foreign land, so is this homeland inheritance fully His, given to you for His Glory, and you will possess it. You will possess it. You will possess it. For He has made you His ambassadors in the earth, and from here will He reveal Himself to many, issuing Heavenly “visas” to the nations to some while causing a change in course for others. And He gives you, beloved, a new favor and authority in a Fathering spirit for the nations and those He’s sending and bringing you to, both young and old.

“Moreover I will appoint a place for My people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own and move no more; nor shall the sons of wickedness oppress them anymore, as previously.” (1 Chron 17:9) ”


April 12th, 2011

The Alabaster box was made of marble stone. Within this particular Alabaster box was the ointment known as Myrrh. Myrrh, a white liquid that flows from a tree in Africa & Arabia, was the principal ingredient in the anointing oil used in the Tabernacle & Temple. In Jewish custom it was also used by those who were condemned to death by crucifixion.* But it was neither the Alabaster box nor its ointment that mattered in this moment.

A woman had come to the house that Jesus was visiting. She came & did only one thing that Mark recorded (Mark 14:3-9). She broke this most precious, expensive box & poured it’s equally precious & expensive contents onto the head of Jesus.

This one action caused the people around Jesus to become angry, resentful & annoyed. ‘Why was this fragrant oil wasted?’ they questioned. Jesus response was profound, it revealed his heart. ”Leave her alone. She has done a beautiful thing to Me.” (14:6)

This woman who’s name we’re not even told, did something to Jesus. She did not do something for Him, but to Him. She ministered to Jesus. She touched Jesus & it was beautiful to Him. Her action was that of one who loved Him. It was possible for her to serve Him but she chose to love Him. This action meant something to Jesus, it touched His heart & His heart is the most precious thing we can know. Jesus was blessed & ministered to.

Those around Jesus declared it to be a waste! They misunderstood & condemned her. But they also misunderstood & revealed their lack in knowing Jesus. They did not see with the eyes of their spirit, only the eyes of their flesh. After all this oil could have been sold & the huge amount of money given to the poor!

Instead this woman wasted it on Jesus.

Such has been the invitation over the last years for us. Over this time the Lord has repeatedly said to us, ‘If all you get is Me, is that enough? Am I enough?’ Countless times the Lord has positioned us so that all we had was Him, no ministry, no programs, no home of our own, no regular community nothing but HIM.

Our lives are precious, our time once gone, cannot return again. We are an alabaster box. Would we waste them on the Lord to simply be with Him?

In a time of countless opportunities, programs, conferences & things to do for the Lord, He invites us all to once again learn to wait on Him, worship Him, love Him for Him not what we can get from Him or even do for Him.

To be emptied of ourselves, our agendas, our plans, our works & programs. We have been ‘wasted’ as some people have declared. One leader from Israel said to us when we lived in Germany, ‘What a waste that you have had so few opportunities to speak to gatherings of people here in Germany!’ He went on. ‘But how else could you Mark & Helen, invite people to be wasted to be with Jesus, if you had not been wasted yourselves?’

This is the heart of the Tabernacle. Space that is set apart for the presence of the living God, to simply be with Him. It is a Holy, intimate place where there is no other focus, no other agenda but that a beautiful thing is done to Jesus, that He is blessed & loved. For it is all about Him, not us. This means something to Him.

This is the heart of a relational God. He is returning. Our bridegroom is calling to you, ’Rise up, my beloved, my fair one, and come away.’ (Song of Songs 2:10)

Would you be wasted so you could be with & bless Jesus?


March 15th, 2011

“Behold, I send my messenger & he will prepare the way before me. And the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple…” Mal 3:1

Will we recognize Jesus when He comes suddenly?

Can we recognize Him on others no matter how different or familiar they are to us?

Can we recognize when God comes suddenly & does something we have never heard of, we have never seen nor our hearts imagined? (1 Cor 2:9)

When Jesus came, creation itself took action & stars aliened. (Matt 2:2)

Jesus came a baby housed in a stable, simple & humble, a place full of stench & manure, yet the birth place for the Son of God & His presence.

Jesus came as one of a crowd to the river Jordan to be baptized by a radical called John who’s very life was to prepare the way for this Jesus, & yet in the moment that his whole existence was for, did not recognize Him. (John 1:31, 33)

Jesus came riding a young donkey, not a grand white stallion into the nation’s capital, Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-40). He came a spiritual savior, not the expected political Messiah.

Jesus came with a team of believers who “provided for Him out of their means” (Luke 8:3). He did not come providing for himself thru the means of a self sustaining business championing helpful products. He Himself was the product!

When Jesus came, it evoked such extravagant acts of worship & “wastefulness” to God that it caused one of Jesus’ very own disciples to betray Him (Mark 14:3-10).

Will we recognize Jesus when He comes?

Behold, the former things have come to pass, & NEW THINGS I now declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.” (Isa 42:9)

He’s doing a new thing!  How do we know?

By abiding in His presence & hearing His voice above all others. Those who know Him, know His voice. (John 10:4)



February 4th, 2011


This is a monumental time right now! Here in Sydney Australia, we are in midst of the hottest week on record. Cyclone Yasi has just hit northern Australia. From the top of eastern Australia to the very south east, every state remains on flood alert after unprecedented rains.

We are all part of an unfolding supernatural phenomenon.

Yesterday morning at 1:30 AM the Australian media’s headlines were “CROSSING OVER”. At this moment Cyclone Yasi crossed over onto Australian soil.

What was declared in natural has been for the past few months now, declared in the realm of the Spirit.

Today, we persevere in our personal prophetic story that begun in earnest 7 months ago now. The chapter we participate in today has us with no home of our own here yet, & no place for a waterhole/ presence place where the nations can come sit by to soak, love & adore HIM, the God of this epic time.

I submit to you an email sharing what the nations are seeing from their stand point as the story is walked out with the one who is the pioneer & perfecter of our faith, Jesus! I share with one purpose that you may be encouraged if your unfolding story today feels very epic for you.

In January 2007 the Lord began speaking to me about Him bringing His church through a great crossing over into her full inheritance (destiny, fullness of her calling) on a global scale in a number of respects.

There are two distinct things He said to me regarding the position/state of Israel just before and during their actual crossing over at the Red Sea & the river Jordan.  For one, He focused me on His bringing of Israel to a place where they had nothing of themselves at all but total dependence upon Him.

This happened right before He brought them across into their full inheritance. They literally had nothing but Him. It wasn’t of their strength, ability, agility, wealth, resources, wisdom, strategy, etc. They had HIM and a few promises.  This truth about their state of being before crossing over was highly visible to all peoples & nations around them who were watching their journey.  That was by Divine design, of course, because what He was about to do (and did) for them all would see was Him. This bringing Him great glory & showing Himself to be the One true God! 

You have been brought to such a place, beloved friends – you have nothing of yourself but Him and a few promises . . . and others can see your journey.  He spoke how it was only by faith & a supernatural act they could in actuality cross over, something needed to happen that was beyond what man could do in every way (the river drying up). 

Again, you have been brought to such a place.  These were two very key points the Holy Spirit brought to my attention for what He was going to do for those in His Body & church that were willing to go the distance with Him. Mr. & Mrs Goatley, it was a “remnant” few the Lord impressed upon me whom He would bring over first out of His global church body.

Finally, I see prophetically Peter out of the boat walking on the water. Peter only made it so far, He’s looking for those who will come all the way to Him on the water which cannot be done by anything . . . anything . . . of this world!  And, that is going to require exactly our eyes on Jesus. Peter began sinking only when taking his eyes off Jesus and peering into the storm, wind, waves, water, circumstances of his situation/position out on the water. Then . . . and ONLY then . . . did he begin to sink, or wobble.”

How strong, how stable is HE?

January 26th, 2011

We sit in an interesting hour. 2011 is barely days old & already there is a ‘summons’ of sorts that has the attention of many. Many things, many words, many events are being held up to our eyes.

Yet one thing has been repeatedly held up to my view. I have found myself continuously drawn back to Exodus 17:8-16 – the story of Moses & the people of Israel fighting their very first battle was free people.

The enemy, Amalek, attacks them. Moses goes to “stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in hand.” (Ex 17:9) During the course of battle, Moses arms naturally grow weary from holding up the staff of God.

This is an issue. For everytime Moses lowers his hands, Amalek the enemy prevails, yet when Moses lifts up his hands holding the rod, Israel prevailed. Enter Aaron & Hur who each take hold of Moses arm, one on one side & the other on the other side. Israel overwhelmed Amalek & wins.

It struck me how this is a prophetic picture of an Apostle. The word apostle actually comes from the time of the Greek & Roman Empires when specially assigned generals would go with the army to conquer & take new land. This ‘apostle’ was assigned to bring the culture of the Empire/Kingdom to this new land. The Greeks & Romans realized that if they simply entered a new land conquering it with military strength, the people in time would revert back to their old ways. So to make the land truly Greek or Roman, the apostle was sent to institute the culture, the ways & the values of his Empire to a new people.

Moses was God’s Apostle. He was used to make a people of the Kingdom of Egypt solely for the Kingdom of God. Now he is at war, holding up the “rod of God” on the hill by the edge of the battle zone.

Isaiah 11:1 says “There shall come forth a rod from the stump of Jesse, & a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.” Jesus would be like a rod from the stump of Jesse. This picture communicated the coming of Jesus.

It struck me that as Moses held up the rod, so the Apostle holds up Jesus, the rod from the stump of Jesse.

It was out of the stump of Jesse, a tree that was cut down, that something grew. It is in the ‘cutting down’ that Jesus grows. It is important to understand that when Jesus gives us himself & breathes His word upon us, this word is life & will grow in us & through us.

As Moses holds his arms up, the text says his arms got heavy. The Hebrew word used here for heavy is the same word used for glory. When we hold up Jesus, our arms can tire because we hold up the glory of God & the glory of God is a weighty thing!

I submit that part of the weightiness, heaviness that comes, is because every word of Jesus is strong. Part of what makes something strong is challenge. The questions, the oppositions are the challenge to the Word.

God wants us to understand that it is important challenge comes to us, because He wants to raise up a people who will put their life on the line for the Word who became flesh & dwelt amongst us. (John 1:14)

No human being will lay his life on the line if they are not convinced something is stable, strong & can withstand assault. So God will allow conflict on any word He gives us, including on Jesus himself, the Word. As challenge comes we personally discover in our own experience the strength of that word.

We see it opposed & see it stand firm. We see that God has not changed His mind or heart & that we did hear from the Lord & it wasn’t just an emotional mountain top experience; it is the Word of the Lord.

This is an important part of the journey for every apostle. And this is a battle.

Lifting Jesus up is not done alone.  There is a company, a band of brothers to do this with. And when Aaron & Hur also hold up their arms to the arms of Moses, the people of God fighting, struggling, longing to prevail, do! When Moses, Aaron & Hur got breakthrough, so did the people of God!

At the end of this battle, Moses builds an altar to the Lord & makes a declaration that keeps echoing & echoing within me. “The Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” (Ex 17:16)

Each generation has a moment to lift Jesus up & as they do so, help their brothers & sisters win the war.

This is our time… our time to find out for ourselves how strong, how stable, how firm is this Word given to us. And so like Israel, we are invited through the challenge to look up to Jesus, the pioneer & perfecter of our faith. (Heb 12:2) What we look at in this hour will feed what will become strong in us.

Floods, floor & radical change

January 13th, 2011

During a visit to a dear friend’s home at Christmas, the Holy Spirit also came in a very powerful way. The presence of God was so strongly present I ended up sitting on my friend’s kitchen floor. It was while doing some ‘floor time’ that I heard these whispers. I submit this to you for your ponderings & conversations with HIM from an Australia awash with floods & heavy rain on an unprecendented level.

Dec 21, 2010

“I am here.
My presence is strong right now.

I am aligning some very important forces now.
Changes are taking place on a powerful level.
This is a once in a generational shift.
A shift that you all will never return to.
Gone is the previous season.
This is the day for the light of foot.
There is an atmospheric speed right now.
I am in the whirlwind.
It is touching down now.

Big breathes now,
big breathes
beloved ones.

There is a shift occuring now so dramatic
so distinct
so different
you will not be able to comprehend
nor recognise this time you live in.
Things are about to so radically change,
you will not recognise your life.

Do not be afraid.
I love you.
I am safe.


December 3rd, 2010

We are called to think differently!

Who else would ask a people to put their feet in the edge of the water & then stand firm in a river that was overflowing its banks, as a means of crossing over from one place to another?

Who else would think of ‘heaping up’ a river so it stood still?

Who else would think of asking a group of people to carry God???

Where are the engineers? Where is the marketing?

Where’s the bridge that required human effort, planning & resource?

What on earth is this? “You shall command the priests who bear the ark of the covenant (place of God’s presence), saying, ‘When you come to the edge of the water of Jordan, you shall stand in the Jordan.” (Jos 3:8)


God thinks so differently to us!

He thinks contrary; often in conflicting ways to not only how we think but how we see. He is God; completely free, completely unbound and unlimited in any resource or capacity. Everything & anything is possible to Him. He is other.

There is a brilliant word in the German language. It is öbernatürlich. öber means ‘over’; natürlich means ‘natural’. This is their word for supernatural. When literally translated it means, God is over the natural.

Who else would think to use nature? And in such a way?

No eye has seen. No ear has heard. Nor has entered the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Cor 2:9

We are not only called to think differently, but to think from a different place.

The Bible, the inspired breathe of God, states two things. Firstly we live in a place “whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe..” (2 Cor 4:4) The god of the age, pushes unbelief. Unbelief is opposite to faith.

This God of such radical ways invites us not to be conformed to this world, but transformed by renewing our mind with the mind of Christ. (1 Cor 2:16, Rom 12:2) It’s a lobotomy! We get to think what HE thinks, how He thinks, even when He thinks, this the mind of Christ.

How would you go not watching any TV for a week? How would you go fasting the world for a day or two & being in a place only surrounded by nature?

What would we think then? How would we think? Would we indeed, think?

Jesus Christ, son of God is not brain dead, powerless or uncreative. HE is God, He is a creator & He never does the same thing twice.

We are invited to think from heaven, from victory, through Christ who is not dead but alive. We think from a reality that is not always seen yet in the natural, but will be. We think over nature, supernaturally.

And this is faith – thinking differently, experiencing differently.

Bring on the flooding river that stands still! Bring on the obedience to step into such a river! This is the stuff of God.

What are you recognising?

November 5th, 2010

A few weeks ago I was sitting with Father God & He shared some thoughts with me. I share them with you for your discernment in the hour you are walking in.

“Beloved recognition is such an important element in my Kingdom.
Recognition of seasons, moments, events, people. (Ecc 3:1, Matt 10:41)
It is an essential of parenthood.
As you look in my face, my eyes, my Word;(Rom 12:1-2)
recognition is sharpened, cultivated, formed.
This is a time of love.
For freedom is given, granted & taken by my Spirit (2 Cor 3:17)
In the soil of freedom & honor, love grows.
There is a new recognition that is part of these days.
An emerging
A rising.
Sons of God revealed. (Rom 8:19)

Honor is everything in freedom

October 31st, 2010

For quite some months now I have been drawn back & back to this theme of freedom & honor. In many ways I feel like I have been in God’s personal discipleship program as He has travelled me literally through countries like the USA & UK chatting to me endlessly about freedom & honor.

I have observed in my travels that where there is freedom & no honor, there is wildness & that is simply scary & uninviting. Likewise I have also seen ‘honor’ with no freedom & this is experienced as not only crushing but questionly if it is at all infact, honor.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. We are not only created for freedom, we are created for honor, to be esteemed & treated as a gift. Both the idea of being esteemed & seen as a gift lies in the word used for honor in the bible.

ds_picture.jpgDanny Silk puts some thoughts around this theme that are great to chew on. I submit this to you for not only your own journey with Father God, but if you are a parent or leader, for your journey in these areas also.

Culture of Honor Video

The scene is set…

October 19th, 2010


Notice how different seasons ask different behaviors of us?

One generally doesn’t snuggle up with a blanket in front of a warm open fire on a sweltering hot summer’s day. Instead we adapt & move according to the nature of the seasons.

It seems right now all over the world we are hearing the same season as we listen to our colleagues; God’s people are being beckoned to take a new step of faith, and accompanying this step of faith is the invitation to close our eyes!

What used to be a step of faith, is likely the place we are now living in. This level of faith has grown to be part of us & doesn’t take as much faith to live there now. We are familiar & comfortable with this level of faith.

We are being invited to take a step of faith, to get out of the place of comfort, of support & visit a land we’ve not seen before.

Over these last weeks the Lord has had me meditating on Exodus 14 – the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. Behind them their eyes & ears witness the Egyptians coming to take them back into slavery, in front of them they look at a massive impasse of water. They are stuck.

The instruction at this sudden step of faith, ‘Fear not, stand still & see the salvation of the Lord.”(14:13)

Right now, we believe that the Lord has called us from basing in the USA to basing out of Sydney Australia. With this new place of base, is also a new development long dreamed of, where nations would be discipled & soaked in His presence, resulting in knowing how to host Him & expanding HIS Kingdom locally & globally through His manifest presence.

In the natural realm, we stand like the Israelites at the Red Sea. Behind us is a season of people, ministry & a house for us to live in.  (Interestingly our house is still not sold at this point, tying up our financial resources.)

In front of us is the sea of unknowns & impossibilities. We do not know what home we will have in Sydney literally or spiritually. Properties in Sydney far exceed the range of our financial resources to buy or rent as it is currently. Our son is due to begin school in January, but where? While greatly blessed in renting a unit on the property of Wycliffe Bible Translators, it is unavailable to us from Dec, just weeks away now.

The scene is set for a supernatural act & intervention of God.

This step of faith is stretching us! We are definitely out of our comfort zone. And in this season, we as with so many, are being invited by our Father to close our eyes to the natural realm.

Maybe the Holy Spirit is speaking to you but your eyes are saying another? Peter got out of the boat because of what he heard, but sunk because of what he saw! (Matt 14:22-33)

Stand still, close your eyes & see the salvation of the Lord!

The step of faith to “stand STILL & see the salvation of God”, was asked from a people who carried a slave mentality (emphasizes service & doing from obedience). This moment at the Red Sea began a journey in mindset & identity, from slave to son.

Slaves supply a service (doing) based on obedience, sons receive because they are. Sons experience relationship that transcends obedience. Sons are stationed in love, knowing what their Father is doing. (John 15:15)

For the people of Israel to step forward, they would have to learn how to receive! (Interestingly this is also a skill that orphans have to learn. Orphans go to get & have to fend for themselves, but it is not in their realm of experience to receive what someone else has for prepared & saved for them.)

You see the hero in this story were not the slaves, but a Father who was about to provide for them on a scale they could not even imagine or comprehend from their one dimensional, constrained experience of life.

They were about to see something they had never seen & it would require them to close their eyes!

They had to close their eyes to the natural (sea ahead) & to what they used to look at, the Egyptians.

I see the Father God really wanting to drive this ‘stake’ deep into the hearts & spirits of His people all over the world at this time. I submit this is a watershed moment as globally we cross over from slave mentality to knowing, living & thinking as the sons of God! Creation is travailing for this moment! (Rom 8:22-23. )

The scene is set for a supernatural God. It is a new season! A new step of faith

So goes God, so goes Munich!

October 3rd, 2010

Munich Fashions5.jpg          “The Mighty One, God our Lord..” Psalm 50:1

Yesterday I received a call from a dear friend & collegue in Munich Germany. As I answered the phone, I immediately heard excitement & joy in her voice. “Helen”, she said, “Do you remember 5 years ago when together we all went one afternoon & prayed on the site that had been picked for a new centre of another faith in Munich?”

I thought for a minute & then the scene came flashing back. I was pregnant with Joel-Mark at this stage & by God’s supernatural provision we were unexpectedly living with a Princess from the German Royal Family which is where we met this dear friend. (how God did it click )

Our friend went on barely able to hold back. “Helen, the project has been stopped! It will not go ahead for lack of funding! The centre will not be built in Munich! God has broken through!”

The Mighty One, God the Lord. Indeed!

This is not so much about a centre or what people have done. It is about what God has done & can do!

It is about the might & power of God. For He “speaks & summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting… Our God shall come, & shall not keep silent!” (Ps 50:1,3)

There is a saying in Germany, “As goes Munich, so goes Germany”. I have heard the same saying said about Sydney Australia. Perhaps in every nation, God choses a city to be a prophetic picture to the nation. Germany is also considered the leader in Western Europe. Interestingly Australia is a leader in Asia/Pacific, America, a world leader. God uses His leaders as a ‘standard’. A standard reflecting what GOD is capable of.

As we work in these nations, we are hearing the same thing. God is on the move & He is giving notice to His precious people. The Mighty One, God the Lord is about to do something in our day that is unprecedented.

Our friend went on to share that she sensed from the Lord that this year is a year of big multiplication. A big harvest is coming, bigger than ever thought. We have been hearing the same thing in the USA & recently in Australia.

I encourage you, keep close to His heart. Be listening to what He asks you to do, do it & He will multiply it! He is the Mighty One, God!

Declaration of a father: Australia ripe for a massive outpouring of God

September 13th, 2010

Last Sunday was Father’s Day in Australia. On this significant day, something else significant of the spirit of God was spoken.

The prophet Amos said, “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” (3:7)

White settlement in Australia was achieved predominately in an orphan mentality. Boat loads of ‘convicts’ were thrust upon the shores of Sydney & New South Wales, & left. While there was a basic skeleton of infrastructure set up, it was obviously centered around the law which managed these ‘convicts’, many of them who’s crime was no bigger than stealing a loaf of bread. In this nation, unlike America for instance, there is no language of ‘founding fathers’.

And so on Father’s Day in a nation where the orphan spirit screams “I am alone, I am not loved & cherished, I must fend for myself, I must protect myself, “Father God declared something.

billJ.jpg  It is my opinion that Bill Johnson has one of the greatest ‘fathering anointing’s’ I have seen in this last decade, possibly in my lifetime.

On September 5, 2010 as he ‘chatted’ with his family, Bethel Church in California, he declared this,

“Australia is so ripe for a massive outpouring (of God) right now. I met with some folks this last week & we were talking about hot spots around the world where we see the Holy Spirit being poured out & several of us came to a real agreement that one of the hottest spots around the world right now is Australia.”

Preceding this moment, in New Zealand an earthquake rocked the south island. This is a most strange thing as earthquakes are really experienced ‘downunder’ way (1968 last one in NZ). But in the early hours of September 4, Christchurch was hit by a 7.0 earthquake. Christ church!

What an amazing act of love that Father God declared on Father’s Day through a man carrying a huge “Father’s anointing’ to a nation wrestling with an orphan spirit mentality, that The Father is coming & wanting to pour himself into them! 

Father God whose kingdom is ruled by only one thing, love, has shown His hand. He is wanting to pour himself out on the peoples & great southland of the Holy Spirit.

This declaration was preceded by an earthquake that turned the heads of many in the nations, to a city incredibly named Christchurch.

Many years ago when we were in Bible College, we enjoyed the reflections of a guest speaker had witnessed three moves of God (revivals) in the Pacific. One reflection stuck in our spirit. He noted that in EVERY move of God, the established church missed it.

Jesus Messiah, Son of God came & walked planet earth for 33 years, & the established church of his time missed it. John the Baptist, who fulfilled prophecy as the one to prepare the way for the Son of God, missed it, until Father God spoke from heaven after Jesus was baptized. (John 1:31)

There is potential for us to miss it. What will it look like for us in one of the hottest spots around the world, to witness a massive outpouring of God? What earthquake might this bring into our lives, our thinking, our destiny?

Father God has shown His hand. The Father of Love is coming!

Trains & trumpets

September 10th, 2010

train_crossing.jpg Last night we were hanging out with some dear friends. Around 10pm I began to hear the sound of dinging as from a train crossing. I also heard mixed in with this the whistle of a train. It was clear & repeated. The sounds repeated consistently for about 15 mins & then stopped.

I recognized quickly that the sound I was hearing was in the realm of the spirit. Amazing how people can hear vividly in the physical what is being sounded in the spirit.

The sound was so clear, so consistent.

Last night was also Feast of Trumpets (also known as Rosh HaShanah – Jewish new year). While these feasts were given to Israel, they were known as “God’s appointed feasts” (Lev 23:1). The Hebrew word used here is “moed” meaning ‘divine appointment’.

Interestingly this same word is used for ‘marriage’. Over the years I have observed that at the time of the ‘feasts’ there is a marriage that often goes on as heaven’s agenda of love, connects on earth.

Blowing shofar.jpg In this ‘divine appointment’ of Trumpets, the Priests blew the trumpets. The sound of trumpets communicated four things: calling the people together, moving camp, alarm of war coming & to signal Feast times & beginnings of months (Num 10).

In all occasions, movement was required upon hearing the sound.

There is a direct correlation between movement & divine appointments.

And last night the picture was full of movement & sound.

I sense that for some of you reading, you are experiencing a crossing or you are being asked to wait. Be encouraged for at train crossings, at least in Australia, there is plenty of sound to aid you & direct you. Sound is heard both from the crossing & the train coming.

There is a sound being released from heaven today. Your heart will know it. For those who are the ‘sons of God, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying “Abba! Father!” (Gal 4:6) Be encouraged though you might not understand the sound yet, you hear it.

Movement is coming. Sound is evidence of that!

The love of Heaven is sounding on earth.

Let’s do coffee!

September 3rd, 2010

“The functions of life now rule us. Everyone wants to know what we do rather than who we are. People define their life by geography, job title & performance. In this busy functional paradigm, we seldom have real time for people. We have surface relationships with people. We wear social masks of politeness that hide our fears, worries & inner thoughts. We do not reveal our true inner self because we are afraid of rejection. We want to be loved but the process of real love involves the true revelation of self, so our fear of rebuff does not allow us to go deep with people around us.” (Graham Cooke, A Divine Confrontation.)

For some months now, I have been profoundly struck by the dominance in the Western world of the ‘functional’ paradigm. I have been struck by its fruit – a lonely barrenness of life that is governed ruthlessly by business, function, systems, & task. Connecting with people seems to be reduced to the skeleton of a purpose driven existence.

Yet the more I linger with God, I am stunned & challenged by His relational paradigm.

As we returned to Australia a few weeks ago, I was talking with an old friend. During this brief conversation that was populated by the tasks & steps ahead of us, she said “Let’s catch up for coffee.”

I was abruptly halted as I realized how ‘functional’ I had been with one of the most relational people I know of on planet earth. I was embarrassed & horiffied.

You see in Australia amongst ‘mates’, when they say “Let’s do coffee” (& most especially for this precious friend) the literal translation is, “Let’s enjoy both a coffee together & be together… just being & hanging out, sharing & journeying life from the inside together for a moment.” Here function serves relationship.

This is true in the world of the East also. In Asia & the middle East, relationship comes before function & must be established for any task to exist.

But it is most true of the heart of God also.

“For God so LOVED the world that He sent His Son” (John 3:16). He LOVED. Love is relational. If it is not, we call that prostitution. God did not so serve that He sent His Son. He loved.

I would suggest that one of the ‘transitions’ God is wanting to bring amongst His people in the West, is a detox from the Spirit of the world that emphasizes function above relationship.

This is part of the journey of holiness – being set apart. God desires to set us apart from the spirit of the world & put His spirit in us. (Ezekiel 36:26-27) The spirit of heaven is relationship.

A relational paradigm is about “learning to trust, to be open & honest, to understand & be understood, to accept & approve & in turn find acceptance & approval. It is about connecting with another as we draw the road map of life in the spirit together. It is about connecting through our fears & concerns, dreams & aspirations, joys & delights, dislikes & annoyances.” (Graham Cooke)

One of the characteristics of the end times is “the love of many growing cold.” (Matt 24:12) I submit that when we tabernacle with God we are separated from the spirit of the world which debases us to mere function, & we can engage in the safety & sweetness of His presence & His relating with us.

I have observed that those who have spent time in His presence are those who do relationships & do them well & in health.

This is all part of growing up in Him.

Townsend & Cloud suggest that “The mindset of an infant & toddler is that another exists to meet their needs & feelings, every wish should be another’s command. To cherish someone’s existence apart from you & apart from what you get from that person is a neat aspect of love… the ability to see the other person as distinct & separate from you – a person in their own right, with value & wonderful things about them that have nothing to do with gratifying you in anyway other than pure appreciation. This is the joy of just knowing a person.” (Boundaries)

This relational paradigm that not only blesses us & others but most of all God. As we learn to cherish Him, love Him for Him not how He gratifies us, we are growing up & learning to be again.

In the end days there are two figures of relational intimacy pictured for us in the New Testament. One is the Great Prostitute (Rev 17-18), the other the Bride of Christ (Rev 22:17). The distinctive difference between these two levels of intimacy is relationship. One is purely functional. The other is based in relationship & the stuff of love.

Father God desires a bride for His Son, one who has rediscovered again relationship.

And the Bride desires to be cherished again.

The journey begins with & in us. Which paradigm will we live from?

Me? Well I’m off to have coffee with a dear friend!

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